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Previously on A Single Tear—

"Man, I never get tired of looking at her!" Frances happily exclaimed in his mind as he unbuckled her seatbelt and gently nudged her, hoping to awaken the sleeping beauty. Yet, she brushed his hand off, murmured something and turned over to her other side, wanting more sleep. Smirking at this, Frances thought of a thoroughly evil, yet effective battle plan. He crept to the other side of the car and opened the door. Lifting his hands, he then started to tickle Callista, tickling her like she had never been tickled before.

Callista woke up suddenly, as though having had a nightmare. By her swift reflexes, she grabbed her handbag which rested conveniently next to her and smacked the hand which first landed the assault of tickles. Opening her eyes slowly, she peeked through her half-closed eyelids only to see a blond-headed, black-suited guy with a bruise coming up on his right hand. At this instant, she immediately opened her eyes fully, startled.

"Oww…" moaned Frances, leaning against his car and rubbing at his bruised hand, "You're really tough for a pretty girl," he added with a smile.

Callista hurriedly got out of the car, smoothed down her skirt and hugged her handbag tightly. She was beginning to think just how bungling she was to have made so many mistakes and accidents on their first time out together. Just as she opened her mouth in preparation to let out a series of never-ending "sorries", Frances decided to see how Callista's nature of reaction was like. Suddenly cupping a hand over her mouth, he muttered, "Look here, lady! You are not going to drown me with your apologies, nor are you going to give me a long nagging about never touching you again because..."— here he drew in a sharp and harsh breath of air— "I'm done with you! I mean, you're just causing so much trouble and you are too deadly and dangerous." Then he gave an eye-piercing glare at Callista and watched, rather nonchalantly, at the girl who slowly backed against the car door. Her dark beret began inching itself off her slick hair as she began shaking uncontrollably from possible anger or sadness, since Frances could not quite tell what effect his words had on Callista. Callista began twisting the handle of her handbag into a little bunch, her other hand clenched tightly into a fist, and her head drooped, casting eerie shadows on her face. Then Frances realised what he had done.

Callista had begun to tear and Frances could see very clearly the faint twinkling of each teardrop. Dropping his pretence immediately, he approached Callista and fondled with her hair. He could see her cringing away in mere hatred and fear of his sudden outburst as he tilted her face upwards to wipe her tears away.

"Silly girl! I thought you were tougher than that…" Frances said, kissing Callista on the forehead while tucking his handkerchief into her handbag. Callista pouted as she looked at Frances through teary eyes.

"But, but. You seemed really angry, and I was, and, and, you shouted at me," she cried, and once again, tears began to fill up in Callista's eyes. Averting her eyes from Frances's face, she started to sob even more loudly when she felt the warmth emitted from his hands vanish.

"Callista! What have you done? Now he's really angry at you…" Callista berated herself in her mind. After a short period of time, she risked a glance at Frances' general direction. Startled out of crying, she stared quizzically as Frances went around picking random wildflowers from the forest surrounding her house. When she finally got close enough to hear what Frances was muttering, Callista began crying again, for Frances had been muttering under his breath, "Let's see now. Yellow to represent joy and happiness, so she won't cry again. Peach as well, those mean joy and sweetness. Sweet like my Callista! Let's see, I need more colours! Pink for perfect happiness…Aha! I found red! Respect and courage…I respect my dear Callista and I hope I have the courage to apologize… Purple for faithfulness, I'm always faithful to her… Right, I think that should do it." At this, Frances then stood up, with his head lowered in apology and grasped Callista's opened hand. Pressing the neat little bunch of wildflowers into her hand, he cupped his own hand over hers.

"I'm sorry for acting so mad."

Callista was really flustered now. Inside, she knew that it was all thanks to her clumsiness.

"No, I should be the one to apologise, I mean, I was the one being all clumsy and," –she tipped the flowers out of her hand—"Ah! Sorry…see what I mean?" Then as she struggled to pick up all the flowers, Frances squatted down and began helping her. Looking at Callista as though she was so helpless, he smirked.

"You still don't get it do you? I was acting! Sheesh! Women can be so emotional…oops."

Hoping that he hadn't said the wrong thing to trigger the tears again, Frances lowered his head once more, avoiding eye-contact with her. However, his ears suffered no choking sobs, nor did they suffer any ear-piercing cacophony of scolding. Intrigued, he took the risk and looked up straight into Callista's dancing emerald orbs. Frances was totally unprepared for the sudden closeness of Callista and lost his balance, landing on the lush grass which he was amused to find, the exact color of Callista's eyes.

"You…I…I can't believe I fell for it…"Callista laughed as she brushed down her outfit and offered a helping hand to Frances who was currently imitating a little child and pouting, though little children do not pout while they lie down on grass. Seeing this amusing scene, Callista could not help but let a giggle escape her lips. Once Frances was steady on his feet again, he started to dust off his clothes and pick out all the grass and what not that stained his clothes.

"What the…" Frances finally responded after finishing taking care of his attire, adopting a rather taken aback tone. Then, after smoothing his hair down, he shrugged and smirked, "Women can be so emotional…"

By then, Callista knew better than to take that comment as an insult. Instead, Callista stuck her tongue out at Frances who felt obliged to do the exact same thing back to Callista. Not daunted, Callista began making funny faces at Frances. Again, Frances did the exact same thing back to Callista. Finally running out of faces to make, Callista giggled and collapsed into Frances' arms.

"This was the best date I had ever been on, thank you for tonight." Callista whispered, burrowing deeper into the embrace and breathing the scent that belonged to Frances and no one else. Frances did not reply her but instead hugged her closer to him, his chin resting on the top of her head. They stayed in this position for a rather long time. Neither of them were willing to give up the treasure they held in their arms, neither were willing to let go of that moment; both wanted it to last forever.

The truth to note, however, is that happy times never last forever— they never seem long enough. Rudely interrupted by the yipping of fox cubs, both Callista and Frances turned to exchange smiles as the playful cubs made their grand appearance in the clearing. There were three cubs, each a pleasing russet brown. One had a dark brown "eye-patch" which made it look like an old grizzly sailor while another had a white muzzle. The third looked as though it had dipped its bushy tail into a vat of white paint.

All in all, the three fox cubs made a pretty odd ensemble and yet they were adorable, frolicking about the clearing. "Painter" seemed to be a particularly mischievous one as it pounced on its unsuspecting victim, "Muzzles", which in turn rolled right into "Sailor". As a result, "Sailor" rolled all the way to Callista's feet where it stayed for quite awhile, staring blankly at his other two companions.

Callista laughed, imagining "Sailor" with a pipe in its mouth and pirate hat askew.

The happy couple ended their first date with a chorus of laughter, after which Frances kissed Callista on the hand as he had done before and drove on back home in the comfort of his black sports car.

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