Author's Note: Boy, angsty poems sure seem silly when you go back and read them in a non-angst mood. That's all right, I still kind of like this one. I think it has almost a song-ish feeling at parts. Anyway, thanks for reading.

typical (angst)
so isolated
nowhere left to go
I feel berated
I feel like letting go
running through to
freedom that's just
on the other side
but I'll keep sitting
wishing there was
somewhere I could hide

so everyone keeps
acting like there's
nothing going on
and yet I see
the truth behind
everybody's lies

it's all the same
they love me
and they leave me
here to die
and empty
and what would happen
if next time I didn't
bother to climb back up
chances are
they'd miss me
and forget me
all the time
but how's that different
from what I'm feeling
and they don't know at all.

I'm worth nothing, less.

TMK 9.15.2005