things keep crashing
and I'm drowning in this gloom
you keep asking too much of me
and I really don't know how to say "no"
I'm wearing myself too thin
you're too demanding
for someone who has no right
to keep me for himself
but I have no one else to run to
I'm not good at asking for things
I only want you to be my rock
some solid ground beneath me
for when I don't think I can stand
but nothing more, and nothing less
because it's way too late
to go back to not knowing you
you've proven yourself
to be too much of what I need
and you're reaching in too deep
for me to lie and say I'm fine
every day I think of saying "no more"
but if I shut you out
no one else may try to get in
I'm trying to be fearless and honest and open
but it makes me feel so vulnerable
and I don't want this to break me apart

TMK 10.18.2005