Author's Note: Currently revising a paper about homosexual couples and their (lack of) adoption rights for my English class, and this came shooting out one ear halfway through the conclusion…

Bush said "No child
Shall be left behind!
I swear
I promise
It's written
Right here!"

And yet, Mr.
President, there are
Children left behind
On 5th street, and State.
Over behind the deli,
That banging?
That's no stray cat
That's one of the
Invisibles. A child
With real live
Super powers
Always invisible,
That little kid
Searches for food

What about the orphans?
The homeless?
The Wards of State?
Those charming little
Children wearing
Rags, begging and
Busking for their
Meals when
their peers?
Why, they're
In school

How many homos
Will it take to
Turn on the light bulb
Over Dubya's head?
Screaming "Let us
Adopt! Relieve this
Deficit in We Want
To Adopt parents!"
At the top of
Their lungs,
so loud,
So harsh,
It's ripping
Out my heart.