steal the light away from me
I'll come running and you'll see
pouring rain inside my brain
camping in the wilderness dream
future seen in pleochroic light
I aim for the sky and shoot
formation of true nature
haven't even seen the daylight
christmas time inside my mind
fading further from the light
harboring the native blind
former children of the sea
robbing everyone of their dreams
freezing future in the rain
it's sunshine bristling over time
reports of darkness spreading fine
let's all dance, enjoy the si(g)n
reverberating orange clouds
bullish whisper much too loud
ramparts waving in the air
it's you I want to see
failing thru the weakest light
time and again, always, I'm
running, running, running out
of life to keep on living
separate my ion mind
I can't go back there ever
so you see my dilemma now
remember what you said to me
it wasn't love but secrecy
and secretly I think you're sweet
and racist but you talk to me
contraption of enraptured man
suddenly we run to lines
farewell to all these mortal cuffs
to flood the sphere is just enough
I love you in a scalar way
but purely we can't resist the load
generate my ideal life
create the moment of normal bluff
it's science in the worst of ways
I remember better bless├ęd days
of juniper and field of hay
corinthian pillar of my brain
dreaming of that sunshine day
corrupting all the fairer ways
I brought you down to meet my life
it's just the choices that we make.

TMK 10.26.2005