I know it's been a while

and I can barely remember

the last time I saw you.

It was seven past three

near a parking lot phone booth

of that old gas station

with cars driving by.

I stood there, unsure

and a few raindrops fell,

moved me forward

and that memory,

that memory is fading,

it's fading into the past.

I left, twelve past three,

it wasn't long enough

and two years go by.

Time smudges that memory

that is all I have

with that photograph

and nothing seems right anymore.

I always ask myself-

did I make the right choice

as I left that day

and now you're a ghost,

you're a ghost to me,

just a ghost to me.

I know it's been too long

and that is a fault

but it isn't mine.

But two years go by

and I start to wonder

if it was my mistake

as I drove away, watching

the scenery fade

followed by my past

and it started to pour.

Clouds blocked it all

as it dropped from sight,

dropped from life,

dropped from everything.

Everyday I wish I could be

there for you, for myself,

but I'll see you soon.