He was in a train station, surrounded by people. 'I wonder where all these people are going? What do they have planned for themselves?' he thought 'I know that I'm...'. The thought fizzled out as he realized he hadn't the slightest idea where he was going. As he searched his memory he realized that there were a few other things he didn't know, either. Such as who he was and how he knew it was a train station. He began to panic. What the hell was going on? How was it possible that he didn't know who he was, or even what he looked like? "Okay, pal" he said to himself (evoking more than a few odd looks from the people around him) "Let's take care of that last part right now". He turned around and strode to a nearby photo booth, which had a large mirror on one side. He took a deep breath, braced himself, and looked into the mirror. He saw a total stranger looking back at him. He was tall, lanky, with piercing blue eyes and unkempt black hair. Looked to be in his mid-twenties. He was wearing a black shirt, black pants, and a long black over coat. He also noticed that he had a somewhat scruffy goatee. All in all, a fairly normal person. No clue as to who he was and why he didn't already know that. He gave up trying to recognize himself when he realized that he must look insane. What sort of a lunatic spends five minutes gaping at his reflection in the mirror? Suddenly it struck him that there was an easy way to find out where he was going. He searched his pockets. As he suspected, there was a ticket in them. A first class ticket to a small town in Vermont with the unlikely name of Sleepy Hollow. He sighed and, figuring he had no where better to go, headed off towards the appropriate platform to meet his fate. As he waited, he examined his wallet. Maybe he had some ID. While the wallet had money ($757.58 to be exact) it held no identification. No credit cards, no business cards, nothing. There was a bankcard, but it was in the name of Mister A. Nonymuss. He had a sneaking suspicion that that was not his name. Beside the card was a slip with the numbers 8982131. His PIN number, obviously. 'Well, I need a name' he thought. He looked around for inspiration. His eyes came to rest on a poster for a Halloween party called Demon Night. 'Demon Night? Hmmm...DAMON Knight!'. He smiled. At least now he had something to call himself. Now he was ready to face his destiny. As it turned out his destiny had to wait twenty minutes, because the train was late. Had to detour around a government worksite, or some such bullshit. Damon (he loved that name!) couldn't care less. He stepped on board, snagged a window seat, and relaxed. Or at least he tried to relax. 'How can I not know who I am? What could have happened to me?' he thought, his mind racing. He felt his head for signs of physical trauma, injection wounds, alien probes, ANYTHING to explain his total lack of memory. It was really frightening. At that point, his thoughts were interrupted by some one saying "excuse me,sir ". He looked up, ready to tell whoever it was to bug off, he wanted to be alone. But when he looked up, he saw that he could not do that. She was a young girl, about his own age, with long nlonde hair, blue eyes and a petite figure. It was also clear that she had been crying, and the conditions of her clothes (a tee shirt that had once been white, and some very dirty jeans) attested to a lack of money. If she wasn't in some sort of trouble, then he was a moron. He sighed. "Yes?" he said, trying to keep his voice friendly. "I-I don't want to be a bother, b-but…" at this point the poor girl started crying. She just broke down and cried. Damon asked her what was wrong, and immediately cursed his nosiness. She'd probably get angry and tell him to fuck off, that it was none of his business. To his surprise she did neither of these things. What she did was tell him an oft repeated story. Of course, Damon had no memory of ever hearing it before and was completely absorbed by the tale. Her name was Naomi and she had lived with her boyfriend in the nearby city of Phoenix, Arizona ('so THAT's where I am' Damon thought). He had always been nasty to her, but she hadn't taken it seriously. Then, about six hours ago, he had beaten her. It hadn't been very severe, and he had apologized, but at that point she realized what sort of relationship she was in. She had immediately packed her bags, bought a ticket to the furthest place she could, and left without a second thought. Just before she sat down, she realized she had no idea what she would do when she reached Sleepy Hollow. She had a degree in philosophy, ("but really, what can you do with THAT?" she asked Damon) and no real work experience. She had, in total $400 to her name. She needed help, and had intended to sell Damon the ring her boyfriend (Tom) had given her, for $200. Damon had struck her as a guy in control. At this last part Damon laughed. He laughed and laughed until his sides ached and his face was wet with tears. Naomi asked "What's so damn funny? Oh, I see. The stupid bitch who ran away at the first sign of trouble, is that it ?! Well fuck YOU, pal!". Damon grabbed her arm to keep her from storming off and started to tell her about HIS problems. As he began, the train lurched into motion. In a cafe across from the platform, two men sat talking. The first was older, about 50, with steel-grey hair and icy blue eyes. The second was a younger man, with hair like copper and bright green eyes. The older man said "We must be carefull with this one. He is a very dangerous man, and the procedure may not hold. Make sure our people watch him. We cannot afford to err. Not now. We've worked too hard to let it all fall apart at this juncture". His companion silently nodded and pulled out a cell phone. The elder smiled. NOW things would get done. CHAPTER 2 The Train ride was fairly uneventful. Damon and Naomi discussed the mystery of his vanishing life, but came up empty. They could think of no reason for anyone to take his memory and leave him alive and free. Nor did the idea of amnesia make much sense. His wallet had nothing at all in it that could possibly be used to identify the owner. And where did all that money come from? "One thing for sure" Naomi said finally "This wasn't done out of hatred". Damon wasn't so sure. "I'm not so sure. I mean, erasing my memory and leaving me in the middle of nowhere? Doesn't sound espescially friendly". Naomi gave him a look he was coming to think of as her 'what are you, an idiot' glance. " If they were your enemies, why give you all that money and a train ticket? Wouldn't it be simpler just to leave you out in the desert to die?"