I hide.
In my head, in my heart.
Encasing them in a shell
of emptiness.

I scream.
So hard my lungs will explode.
So loud my ears feel like
they will burst.

I cry.
The pain is too much.
I cannot handle this

I cut.
Paperclip scratching me.
The scars on my skin
opening again.

I run.
Away from my life.
Away from my feelings
right to you.

I open.
The shell slowly cracking.
Your touch bringing me
out again.

I fall.
Into your arms, your eyes.
Letting you wash away
my fears.

I sigh.
My pain slowly fading.
But still remaning, for you
to heal me.

My pain.
My fear, my hurt, my screams.
My scars, my blood, my tears.
All yours.