Stand up, sit down

Pledge allegiance, take a bow

Love your country and its people

It's so clear now

Watching them now

Averting their eyes

So they can hide the sadness

Behind the lies

I trusted, I believed

You betrayed, you deceived

One by one

The toy soldiers are dying

Can't look back twice

The fear that we're buying

One nation under God

The entire world stands

Hail to the chief

And the world chants

Commanding, reprimanding

The world's thrown asunder

Controlled by the power

You've chained yourself under

Destruction, reconstruction

Redefining it all

The resistance conforms

United we fall

The war does not end

It goes year after year

Life after life

Fear after fear

Redeemed by false comforts

We fight for a cause

"We go forward to defend freedom"

A round of applause

The world's crying out

We've tuned out their voices

That's the way it is

Just ignorant choices

Sit down and shut up

You're not what we need

His opinions are what matter

Just hear the lands plead

Explain to us now

What religion can do

No God we believe in

Could, would save you

The world belongs to us

We defy and stand tall

We learn nothing

United we fall.