When I was young I was too short for the light switch
I could dance and run, jump and try to touch it
but I had a bad aim.
And I curled up to sleep with the light still on.

off: Jerome would visit me at 2
and boy, we went places.
Once we scaled my 13-floor flat
until someone shouted, and he
let go.
I fell onto my bed, though.

on: screaming because of the
old and ugly lizard,
scuttling, refusing to
swipe up the ant trail.
Daddy, save me.

off: I think I had my first kiss
when I was 3, because
one night Jerome put
mum's lipstick on and
my lips were painted red by his,
on top of the moon.
It was a beautiful universe.

on: six, and I could tiptoe

Jerome never came again.
I waited till 4, those days.
But it was only masses of
swirling black clouds.
I cried.


then other people came
at 2.

When I was young I was too short.
used to do a running jump
and knock my teeth on the wall

because, off: Jerome would come

I missed the days you let me stand
out on your sky balcony and the wind
would blow my size 1 nightie around.
you said I looked pretty, I said
I loved you,

on: different me, same switch,
smaller bed.