My Mother's Womb

My Mother's womb is dying

She has cancer

Its multiplying

Life that sprung from her

Will no longer be living

And that's why I'm crying

Its too little too late

The doctors say

No one could operate

On a tumor this big

Yet people keep working her

Making her irate

They are taking her bread

Her butter her wine her effort

Depriving her of time in her bed

All she wants is to get well

And to live a full life

Until she's dead

They still cut down her trees

And they cut off her streams

Say I'll do what I'll please

She tears and she sobs

"My children look what you've done!

They are all gone, my birds and bees."

There is nothing I can do

But my Mother's womb is dying

And I can only sit there and coo

"Mother, I am sorry, please be at peace."

You will be there with me

Because Mother Earth is your mother too.