Dear, Dear Diary

My friends, Alicia, Julie, and Tiffany were all giggling insanely and glancing at me every so often. I would have glared distrustfully at them and demanded to know what they were up to, again, but I pretended to be completely absorbed in my book instead. Sometimes my friends didn't think I was listening when I actually was, like right now.

"So, how long do you think she'll be mad at us? I mean, keeping something like this from her…" my bubbly, blond haired friend, Tiffany, said softly.

Alicia snorted and tossed her red hair over her shoulder nonchalantly. "Oh please. It's not like we didn't know anyway. She'll be thanking us soon enough." She sighed dreamily as she clapped her hands together. You'd never guess it, with Alicia's nasty temper, but she was a hardcore romantic. "And she'll be so happy to finally learn, well, you know," she winked secretly.

The girls giggled again, and evilly to boot. I bit my lip and resisted the desire to look at them, as I had to pretend that I didn't know what was going on. The fact that I actually didn't was irrelevant. I stared at my book and feigned a look of complete fascination. Whatever they were up to, I just knew it had something to do with me.

Julie sucked on her lollipop for a moment, blue eyes deep in contemplation, then whispered seriously, "Well, we've got everything set up, so lets just drop it." She glanced warily at me and added, "I think Sara might have heard too much."

Tiffany looked at me skeptically. "Nah, she's way to into that book. Look at her, she's concentrating so hard it looks like she's about to turn cross-eyed any second now."

It took all my will power to keep my lips from twitching.

And with that, my friends returned to their normal selves, and we all had a fun movie night. I didn't say anything about what I had overheard, and none of the girls gave a single clue as to what they had discussed. I soon forgot about the whole thing, and a week passed by quicker than I anticipated. Now, it was once again Friday, only this time we were over Tiffany's big mansion instead of my house. And do you want to know the best part? Her elder brother by one year, Conner, was there.

Oh man, one look at this dude and you'd drown in a pool of your own saliva. Yeah, he's that hot, and sexy, and gorgeous, and—well I should stop before I start ranting like some silly fan girl or something, because there was no way I was a fan of Conner. I've barely said ten words to the guy in all the five years I've known Tiff. Sure, he may have bleach blond hair, a nice six-pack, a sweet dragon tattoo on his arm, and hazel eyes that would make any normal 16-year-old swoon, but the fact remains that he's Tiffany's older brother, and older brothers of your best friends are completely taboo. Meaning off limits to boring, bookworms like myself. He's way to far out of my league anyway. Still, it sure didn't hurt to fantasize…about how I'm not in love with Conner and don't think of us doing things too inappropriate to write down…nope, not me. And as much as I denied liking him, my friends still didn't seem to believe me….

So after Alicia, Julie and I got a nice eyeful of Conner sitting on the sofa with three other incredibly good-looking friends, all of who were chatting and laughing, (and I swear on the old, family lawyer's grave that Conner glanced at me and winked!) we happily followed Tiffany up to her room.

For about a good half hour we talked about Conner, (well, Alicia and Julie did, I pretended to be disinterested) his friends, and a bunch of other hot guys, all the while laughing, drinking Mountain Dew (the deadliest pop around), and genuinely having a good time. Alicia then suggested that we get dressed up all fancy and put makeup on and do our hair. So we started to do that, and out of the blue Tiff asked me an odd question.

"So Sara, what do you really think about my brother? And be honest now, we can always tell when your lying."

I absently noted that her second sentence was only half true. But for now, I had a more pressing issue, like what to say to a question like that! I couldn't exactly declare my undying love for the guy. …Not that there was any!

My face turned bright red and I had to look away, but I shrugged and managed a weak, "He seems…nice."

The girls stared at me and Julie questioned, "Only nice?"

"Um," I raked my brain for something more suitable to say. I had a feeling they weren't going to let me go on such a vague comment. "Well, he seems a bit shallow too," I finally settled on. I wasn't lying either. He only dated super pretty girls, and every week he seemed to have a new girlfriend, something that I would never admit hurt.

They laughed hard (the pop was definitely kicking in) and Alicia barely managed to spit out, "Shallow? Who cares if he's shallow? He's a sexy beast, girl! A freaking tiger that roars!"

This got even me to smile, hard as I tried not to.

Julie blurted, "and it's not as if he's really shallow, he just pretends to be!" That got the three of them laughing even more.

My ears perked up at hearing that. "Hmm?" I said. "Care to enlighten me?"

The girls shared a long look before Tiffany nodded to them and got up to dig through the bottom of her large dresser. She pulled out a book then resumed her seat. "It's time to let you in on a little secret. Before we tell you anything, we need to ask you a serious question."

My eyebrow rose. "Ok, shoot."

Alicia cleared her throat. "You know how you said Conner was shallow? Well, have you ever paid attention to the kind of girls he dates?"

I stared at her blankly. Heck no I had never thought about the "kind" of girls he dates! What kind of sick question was that? "Of course not!" I yelled.

A surprising amount of patience seemed to be with Alicia this night. She nodded and said, "Now is the time to think of the girl's he's dated, and I mean really think about them."

Knowing that this was important, I grudgingly thought about Connor's previous bimbos. "They were are all short, gorgeous, had brown or hazel eyes, and all of them were brunettes."

They nodded. "Sound like anyone we know?" questioned Julie, looking pointedly at me.

"Um…" I began, and then it hit me. "Wait, you're not talking about me are you?!"

They laughed at my expression and said yes.

"B-but," I stuttered, "I'm short and have brown hair and eyes, yes, but I'm not— "

"Oh, save it!" Alicia snapped. "You know your pretty so stop putting yourself down all the time!" My two other friends agreed, so all I could do was sit there in stunned silence and think, Conner likes me! Conner likes me! Conner likes me!

I started to hyperventilate. This was not happening. I was dreaming because this was too good to be true. Either that or my friends have a really mean sense of humor.

Tiffany smirked and handed me the book she had been holding. It was Conner's diary, or journal, I should say.

I looked at my girlies as if asking for consent to even touch this sacred book of gold and found Tiffany, Alicia, and Julie merely giving me smug smiles. That was enough for me. I opened the diary hastily and nearly died on the spot in pleasure as his spicy, masculine scent enveloped me. There was no way my friends would be able to pry this book from my hands!

I thumbed thought the pages, soaking up the information like a sponge. I learned his dislikes and likes, and I screamed in a high-pitched, girly way when I learned that his number one like was yours truly! Me!

I read through the pages even faster now, more than eager to learn that he had liked me for a the entire time he had known me, had never felt he was good enough for me (what was he on when he thought that?), and so dated girls that resembled me the most, in his opinion. He also regretted never having the courage to converse with me more. He was so adorable!

"So you're happy with reading his diary?" Tiff asked and I nodded absently. "Oh good," she breathed. "Because Alicia, Julie and I gave Conner yours after we found and read his."

I nodded absently again then dropped Conner's diary. "WHAT?!"