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Chapter 19

Anyone else notice how much something—be it another person, inanimate objects, or myself—always seems to be knocking me down and out so much lately?

I know I've said it before but…

Like seriously.

What the hell.

Okay, okay, so maybe it was Purgatory because I had a scrump-diddily-umptous (or however it was spelled in Willy Wonka) male on top of me, but even then it was still unpleasant because I got the wind knocked out of me, and, as much as I love Conner, I'm not afraid to admit that while he looks physically perfect, he is heavy, especially when you're as dazed as I am.

Hmm…About why I'm so dazed…what happened again?

Oh yeah.


Or, had you been standing where my friends and I were, it was BOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM with an earth-shacking, wind-knocking, and heat-producing explosion of the first kind.

Moans and groans were heard in every direction from each couple, and had I not hurt so much, I might have found that thought funny.

"Conner," I wheezed. "Get off me."

He moaned and grounded and rolled off me onto a pile of rabbit poo.

"Ah, shit," he grumbled.



Sucks for him.

Or should I say…stinks for him?

Erm, right. Time to stop punning around.

I slapped my forehead.

I opened my eyes slowly and peered around at everyone.

My eyes stopped on Tiffany and I felt my heart beat speed up.

She had that look on her face.

The bad look.

The one where her face is totally blank and her eyes are half lidded.

Those of us who knew Tiffany began edging away from her. The ones who didn't know took the hint and started edging away as well.

"Karlton," she said, her voice neutral.

Karlton, the only one of us who mysteriously hadn't gotten knocked over by the force of the blast, slowly looked at his cousin.

The blood drained out of his already pale face.

"Uh…yes, oh beautiful cousin of mine?"

"Did you just blow up a castle?"



"In the middle of a forest?"

Sweat drop.


"Full of trees that can easily be caught on fire?"

Sweet mercy.


Her body twitched and then, needless to say, she tackled and then beat the living shit out of him.

"You dumbass!" Tiffany yelled as she punched Karlton in the face.

Victoria watched her man be beaten down by a five foot, 110 lb. girl with wide eyes.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" Smack.

Gabriel watched his beloved with fascination.

"You could have started a gigantic forest fire…" Kick.

Julie shook her head.

"…and really burned us all alive…" Punch.

Rudolf looked unconcerned but mildly fascinated.

"…if the blast from the explosion hadn't done it first!!!" Smack.

Pat watched the display with undisguised interest.

"Do you ever think before doing stupid things?!" Kick.

Alicia cheered her on.

"DO YOU?!" Punch.

Conner was looking up and begging God to answer him where he went wrong.


And I started laughing.

"You think this is funny?!" Tiffany glared at me, her leg suspended in air from the intended kick, her hands fisted in the shirt of a barely conscience Karlton.

"N-no," I laughed, "It's just…"

I couldn't form straight sentence. I tried to stop laughing, I swear I did, but all that came out was this huge snort and more peals of laughter.

Everyone else was looking at me like I was crazy.

Then they joined in.

What can I say?

Laughter is just so damned contagious.

Tiffany huffed and threw poor Karlton to the ground.

His face black and blue, he looked up at his cousin in exasperation.

"Was that…really necessary?" he bit out.

She glared down at him.

"Yes. It was."

He muttered to himself, "Damn crazy tree hugger."

She twitched.

He whimpered and huddled into a fetal position, ready to take on Tiffany's next attack, but she only went over to Gabriel and buried herself in his chest.

"Gabey," she sniffed, on the verge of tears, "he nearly set this pretty forest on fire."

Gabriel obediently pet his girlfriend's head and rubbed soothing circles onto her back.

"I know, Love, I know. Shhh. It's all right now."

Alicia, who was the closest of my friends, whispered to me in a conspiring manner, "If I'd have know that all it would take to get her to go all Sergeant Jane on someone, I'd have set my lawn on fire a long time ago and blamed it on my ex boyfriend."

"I heard that!" Tiffany yelled in our direction.

Alicia threw her hands up.


"Um, you guys? How are we going to get out of this forest?" Victoria asked in a subdued voice. She's placed Karlton's abused head in her lap and was currently stoking his hair. He looked content, but I wondered if it was because he just didn't give a fuck who was soothing him at this point.


That was a great question.

We all looked at each other.


Pat spoke up.

"I've got a bunch of walkie-talkies in my bag…"

He searched around for his bag. With big eyes he looked at Julie in horror.

"Jules, please don't tell me I put the bag down in the security room and forgot to pick it up along with the rest of them."

Julie searched through various other bags.

"You forgot it."

They both gazed at the destroyed castle.



"Why did you put all of the walkie-talkies in one place? Why didn't everyone have one? Isn't that the point of having them?" I asked.

Pat looked at me evenly.

"We decided that we'd only use them if it was absolutely necessary. The kind I had in stock sucks at communicating out in the woods like these, and I was low on batteries, so it was only natural that I wouldn't give them out except in case of an emergency."

I sunk to the ground.

"It's okay, guys. I've got an idea," Gabriel said.

Curious eyes turned on him.

"I have some…contacts in these woods. We should reach them in about an hour of steady travel southwestward."

"What kind of 'contacts'?" Conner asked cautiously.

Gabriel wouldn't reveal any more about these people, even, so it appeared, to his darling Tiffany.

And we marched southwestward.


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