I feel something stirring in my mind–

Is this the happiness I've been so desperately trying to find?

Could it be that I see the sun shining,

Not because that's the job of the sun

But because my eyes are actually open?

I feel something stirring in my heart–

Is it possible the dead flame rekindled, or at least made a start?

Could it be that I see myself with him,

Not because that's the way it's been,

But because it was destined to be?

Am I finally free of the darkness

The shroud of uncertainty

That has always been my tormenter?

Is it possible that I've done my time

In the prison known as life

Have I finally been given a pardon from my winter?

Two things are for sure, and they both have a name

Danielle and Eric, it seems so perfectly plain

That these two beings are a part of my life

And without them, I think, nay, I'm sure I would die

So I'll keep them close, and let the sun shine

This feeling, this happiness, is truly divine