Open your mouth
release the sound
that won't come out
soundless screams of insecurity
tears course down the faces
who's eyes
plead, unsure of the notes
burning in the throats of so
constricting my lungs

They're all watching
listening to the mistakes
we make,
I make

Just another block
on the backs of the unbalanced

We're all sitting on a four legged stool,
that is missing one leg
Holding our selves in our laps
More stuff then we can hold
piled high into the
some of us fall
hitting the ground
hopping that we will land
in a moving safety net

And down I fall
failing again
It's too much for me
just leave me where I fall

Air is toxic,
thick with worry and
hopeless shrieks
fill my ears
as I continue to
hit the note
that damns my soul
to death