Sentences (Or 'What happens when you drink to much soda')

Ok, before I put what I'm planning up here, I feel the need to explain. The following are sentences from a simple game. All you do is sit with a friend (or a group) and say a word to create a sentence rotating each word. I was at dobbyfan18's house (She wrote the 'Anti-prep Party) and we were bored, so we played this game. We are both insane so we came up with these.

Once beside a graveyard, there was a creepy janitor and a tap-dancing Eric, which suddenly yodeled at Ali Conklin, who promptly screamed like a goat who had rabies.

Without a clue about anything, Mr. Rhodes polished his bald uncle, which carried with it a little tiny bit of cheese in case it became unconscious during a transcontinental epidemic of earlobes becoming extinct.

Last millennium, my Nazi friend rode his dinosaur to Mass because he couldn't make a clock that didn't break and kill Taylor Knuth while breakdancing to my polka album.

Leprechauns danced on my roof during 1999 because AJ once was plotting to overthrow King Albert III.

"Crustaceans apply many tools to architecture containing purple polka-dots named Freddy. But often," said Prescott, "they blind tourists because they are ugly."

Planetary relationships between Ryan and Pluto have been strained since 1689, when Bob the Builder tried to hit Ryan on the kneecap with a yardstick, which was stolen from Mr. Keslar's older brother, who never shaves, except on Tuesdays.

Luke Hieb once attacked LaVerne Rogers' boyfriend because he died of pneumonia from Jack Gangwish Jackling™ him during football practice on Tuesdays, but there was a limit to how many times he could Jackle™ him in one game, so Luke died of pneumonia for no apparent reason except the horrible irony.

Whomever ate carbs on Thursday, please digest my socks, which must be extremely reptilian, besides the fiber in them, which could almost entirely strangle Jack Jeffries in the laundry room, so you probably would be smart not to do anything involving tangerines, except if you're completely and utterly indecisive about purple fig-newtons in Macedonia, a green thought!

Lions devour Jenna Helleberg's favorite pair of neon pink Nike ears, which are usually docile, unless Terry Pratchett up-chucks numchucks.

Ugliness promotes Noah to exist, but if the llamas sing, he dies, except when they attack while conspicuously yodeling dementedly to windows during

Christmas break, which allows Ms. Toberer to dictate, worse than Hitler's cousin Briefcase while Gustavo faints, obviously sickened by Noah as usual.

Richard Nixon whined to my grandparents, who never ever read the Bible until they need to dance with flamingos in Portugal during the Super Bowl or the apocalypse.

Usually, fat tacos like Noah's Chinese Chihuahua enjoy expelling Hogwarts ghosts because they're so much more neon blue than Peeves, who is Mr. Hatfield's long-lost uncle's dentist.

The carrots are unusually affectionate this year. Green end-of-term pumpkins grow quickly by the side of the road. The turnips want dental insurance.

Crepes don't necessarily need to hijack planes; they must just like it 'cause they're inanimate bowties, seriously due for annual dentistry yaks.

Well, wow, I just re-read it. I'm amazed at my own insanity. It makes me so proud!

Oh, ya, I don't own any of the people metioned (or Nike) so, Don't Sue Me Please!

No flames please… wait, on second thought, I don't care so, go ahead!

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