Star by writerforever

Dedicated to anyone who has ever wanted to be a star.

I've packed my bags

I've left my little country town

I'm heading for the big city

The time has come for me to fly

I'm going to soar above the clouds

I'm going to be a star

Endless auditions

Endless fighting

Endless struggling

Struggling to fulfill this dream of mine

But I know one day I'll get there

One day I'll be on top

One day I'll be a star

Alone in a big city

Still working hard

All that's keeping me going

Is my dreams

I have to trust my heart

So things can change

Audition after audition

I'll get a part one day

One day I'll be on top

One day I'll fly

One day the lights are gonna shine on me

One day I'll dazzle everyone

One day I'll be a star

One day…