Parting of the Ways

Eleven years ago there was a group of kids,
Young, Confused and unaware of what their future held.
Yet eleven years later he we are,
Reflecting on our life, our friendships and our time.
There have been tears, and there has been anger,
Friendship fallouts and crumbling love.
But with every error comes another chance,
With every corner we turn, another obstacle is placed in our way.
This parting of the ways, the one last time when this group is together,
One last time to celebrate everything we have stood for and been through,
A moment to be imprinted in our minds forever,
We may go our own ways, but we have our memories.
This is a time for tears, for celebration, for the next step,
A time to put aside our differences and make the most of the time left,
A time to reflect and share the memories we have all held.
A time to enjoy peoples company once more.
To the parents that have been supportive of us along our journey,
To the students and teachers of this college who have watched us all grow,
To all these people standing behind me right now,
The time here was the best years of my life because of you.