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Chapter 1

When dawn came, Darian was still sitting beside Calen's body, on the bed. He had not moved from his place on the bed once. He stared at the peaceful face that was once his love's, determined to remember every single line on his face, every dimple, every single eye lash. He did not want to forget him, was afraid of what it might signify if he did forget Calen's face.

Galen was his first love, when they were still young and foolish. And when Galen had been killed by Branfin, Darian had thought for five years that he would not find another one like him again. Galen had been so innocent. He never took notice of the world around him, even when it was bleeding. Instead, Galen had chosen to look at the brighter side of life, always.

Calen, he was different. So different in that when Darian met him, Calen had experienced one of the worst scenarios that a life could go badly wrong.