I'm crying as I write these words of verse
Feeling as if my life is just a curse.

I am ignorant, innocent, depressed.

Desolation is in my veins, there it infests.
I don't know why I can't cure myself of this bane,
Everyday this pain seems to drive me insane.

Would anyone notice if I was gone?
I think of this as the moon turns wan.
Life flashes before my eyes,
Lies, injuries, injustice, unheard cries.

And I wish someone could help me.
No one will, no one can see
Years upon years of torment I have endured
Only so I could see my future that is obscured.
Now I walk alone and I wish someone was there
Everyday is an unending, never ceasing nightmare.

Can you hear me? Do I still live?
Are you there? Can you give
Reality a break and ease my destiny?
Everyone, this is the real me.