You can wish for money

You can wish for a life partner

You can wish to pass your physics final

But you can never wish for eternal life

Life can't be brought back

Unless...when you wish upon an angel

When You Wish Upon An Angel

Wish One: Rejected Anger

Hey. Anyone there? Oh. There is. Yes. You. The one who's reading this right now. Hey. The name's Destiny. Destiny Rinasawa. Yeah. I know. Jacked it off James Bond but who cares?!

Anyway, this story is about me. Moi. The most beautifulest, popular, and rich girl at school. No. The entire world!

What? You don't believe me? It's true though!

Fine. My ego's just big. As big as the city called the Big Apple. You know which city. If you don't, it's New York City.

I'm not popular, rich, or beautiful. Just a plain regular girl. A teen with no love life and luck with boys what so ever.

I know. Most people wouldn't admit it but I'm truthful. Sort of. Aheh heh heh....

So here I am. Talking to you in my room when I should be telling you about the day whenI woke up to find an angel in my room. Completely naked....

...You don't believe me right? I'll admit. I wouldn't believe myself either. But...I'm telling the truth. Angels and demons actually exist. But they're just different from our imaginations and the things we read in fairy tales and books about myths and legends. However, the fairy tales, legends,and mythsare real. They're just retold different from the original version. The REAL version.

And here's my story. Of how I came from boy-less, unpopular, and unknown to having a boyfriend and legendary. my story.


Destiny stood, leaning againstthe big water fountain located in the west side of Notsuko Park. Her eyes sparkled with excitement and happiness. She had finally had the courage to call her current crush, Isamu, and arrange for them to meet at Angel Fountain at the park.

She looked up to the sky and then the Fountain. Parts of it was visible. The angel had her hair reaching over her shoulders. She stood tall and her right hand held a staff with an orb. Her outfit was a flowing robe with boots and a cloak.

Destiny scrunched up her face. The angel looked oddly familiar somehow. It looked a bit like....


Her confusion vanished when she heard the voice she longed to hear call out her name.

"Isamu!" she exclaimed happily.

"What did you want to tell me?"

Destiny sighed dreamy and happily. The way his bangs hung over his eyes loosely. The blueness of his beautiful eyes. No wonder he was the most popular guy at school. She sighed again.

"Uhh...are you okay Dest?"

"Huh? Yea. Fine!" she chirped.

"Great so...."

"So what?"

Isamu sighed at Destiny's slowness to things. "What did you want to tell me?"

"Oh right. Isamu...I-I really...."

"...." he feared for the worst.

"I-I really like you."

Isamu mentally sighed. He had feared this. "Sorry Dest but...."

Destiny's shoulders dropped as she knew what he was gonna say. "Oh. Well, it's fine."

"No! It's not that! I like you but I think it's better if we're just friends!"

"Right, I guess."

"It's not you. It's me!"

'Yea sure. Boys...and girls always says that when they wanna spare the other's feelings.' "Hmm...."

"Listen. I gotta run. My little sister's at a friend's house and I need to pick her up. Even though she's pretty much old enough to go home by herself...." and he ran off. Destiny waved good-bye until she couldn't see him anymore and sat down on the ledge of Angel Fountain. Her eyes now full of sadness and they began to water. She bursted out crying quite would but not loud enough for the other citizens to hear. Is that even possible?

"You know crying won't help."

The crying creased as she looked up. A tissue appeared right before her. She looked up to see someone with cerulean hair and gold colored eyes. (I love cerulean color hair now! Including blonde!)

"Huh?" 'Are those her real eye colors?'

The person just rolled her eyes. "Well? Aren't you gonna wipe your tears?"

"Oh. Thanks." Destiny gratefully took the tissue and wiped her eyes with it. She was able to see a bit more clearly since her tears had kind of been clouding her vision. She noticed the tissue belonged to a girl.

"Took you long enough." she muttered to herself. However, Destiny heard her.

"Oh shut up! Not my fault I was crying!" she was slightly offended by the comment. More like very offended.

"Yeah sure." the girl obviously didn't believe her. She just flung her hair back and smoothed out her indigo blue mini skirt and straighten out her white collar buttoned shirt. A blue, white, black tie was around her neck along with a gold chain with a weird pendant(1). An earring, one with a diamond stud attached with a sapphire teardrop by a small chain, hung on her right ear only.

"Hey!" Destiny yelled, angrily. "It isn't, you know!"

"You control your emotions. Not other people...." the girl mumbled, not looking at her.

"Look at me when you're talking to me!" she shouted, rather pissed. 'This girl's already pissing me off and I don't even know what her name is! She's good....'

"Don't have to." she said, crossing her arms.

"Can you at least tell me your name?" Destiny asked, trying to sound pleasant.

"None of your business."

That made Destiny even more pissed off if that's even possible. She was getting on her last nerve.

She finally snapped and lost her temper. In a flash, she grabbed the girl's shirt and pulled her towards her until she was at least an inch from the other's face. "You're really pissing me off you know that? Tell me your name!"

The girl showed no emotion except boredom. "Yuime...Aoyama. Happy? Now let go of me." She said it like she was talking to a five-year-old.

Destiny obeyed and sat on the Angel Fountain's ledge once more. "I'm Destiny Rinasawa." 'Why did I just tell her my name again? Oh. Right. She told me hers so it's rude to not tell the person your name if they told you theirs. Damn Japanese custom.'

Yuime raised an eyebrow. "Half American, half Japanese?"

"Yes." Destiny grunted grudgingly. "Mother American, father Japanese."

"I see.... I suppose I'll go now." Yuime turned and walked off, hair flowing in the air. Talk about a dramatic exit....

"Well wasn't she a pleasant person." Destiny muttered sarcastically. "God I have the worst luck. In life and love." She sighed. "Oh well. Guess I should head on home now." and began walking down the streets too.


"So Koina, that's the girl?"

A boy was leaning against a tree in the now deserted Notsuko Park near the Main Fountain of the place at night. His red hair hung loosely over his head. Bangs covered his violet, red eyes. He wore a red shirt under a black t-shirt and faded blue jeans. His long hair was tied upin a shoulder length ponytail by a thin, small, silky black ribbon. His eyes wandered to the girl before him, arms crossed, relaxed.

"Araki...." she growled.

"Why the angry face?" he asked, smirking a little.

"You know better than to call me that name." she said calmly.

Theboy, Araki, sighed. "Fine. Yui-chan, youthink that's the girl?"

"Yui-chan" crossed her arms. "I knowshe is Araki. Do you doubt my powers?"

"No. So she shall help us with the mission, Yuime?"

Yuime looked up at the full moon. "As soon as Ed comes...." she lookedback at Araki. "...wewill reveal ourselves truthfully."

"I wish you would just call me Ara-chan like when we were little." Araki pouted, changing the subject.

"Don't change the subject, Araki." Yuime stated.

"Fine. Wish we can hurry it up." Araki said sadly.

"Be patient." Yuime said. "We don't wanna scare her off even though I think Eddieprobably will. Besides,you got any new info?"


"You know! The mission! Leads!? ANYTHING!?"

"Oh...iie. I was getting scolded for helping you get out of the castle."

"Then go! We need them as soon as possible!"

"I'll go! I'll go!" and Araki disappeared in a blaze of fire. That really seem like a very popular power and way of teleporting with me....--U

Yuime was about to head off somewhere untilsuddenly, shewhippedherbody around. Her eyes narrowed as they slowlybecame dark blue and her hair golden blonde. A small light blue energy ballslowly formed in her right hand as her necklace's pendant responded to the magic by glowly lightly.

"...." she waited.


And waited.

And waited.

Finally she was about to throw the energy ballat the spot when a boyabout 16 appeared from a tree above, landing on his legs much like a cat's landing. He straightened upas his ambereyes looked at Yuime through his silver bangs. Hisred hair was spiky. The anime spiky kind. In his belt were a bunch of ninja type weapons like a sword, darts, and daggers. His entire outfit was black and red.

"Yuime Aoyama. Or isit Koina?" he said, smirking.

Yuime grolwed. She hated thename.

"Oh I forgot. You hate the name right?" Yuime growled once more. "I'm Isona. Isona Sonoda. Not that you should know but--"

"What do you want?!" Yuime interrupted, angrily.

"Not a very patient person are you?Nothing. I was just spying, hoping to maybe get some info on where the Sacred Aritfacts are." Isona explained.

Yuime narrowed her eyes. He had revealed a lot in there. She threw the energy ball at Isona. He jumped, letting the attack hit the tree behind him. A thinsheet of icecovered thetrunk.He landed on the tree branch.

"I'll be back!" he winked and jumped off, disappearing.

Yuime's appearance returned back to normal as she looked at the place where Isona had landed. Her pendant had stop glowing as soon as she changed back.

"Mochidzuki will pay." she muttered. "Dearly...."


So yea. That's how it went with my meeting with Yuime-chan. Yeah. She really pissed me off with that calm, cold attitude of hers at first but she proved to be a great ally and friend. Especially since she got connections....

Of course I didn't know who or what she was in the first place or whoor what Mochidzuki was but I soon learned that later....the hard way.

(1) The pendant- So...the pendant is sort of hard to describe. It has a pair of white wings on a silver orb with anamethyst vine sort of design on it, encircling the orb. There are gems beside the orb.Four gems on each side. A sapphire, ruby, diamond and emerald. Each representing a different world. But that's for another time....