When You Wish Upon An Angel
A wish is a dream your heart makes. An angel is a dream come true

Wish Four

I can't remember what I was gonna say to you! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh... oh wait! Now I remember. Damn my very short memory.

Now... what was I saying?

Oh, right.

So, we had gotten the clothes for Eddie. We were walking down to my school, Nekuna High, to register him since we had absolutely no idea when...never mind.

You know. If you don't mind right now, I'll be eating ice-cream.


"So... why do you have to go to my school again?"

Eddie sighed. They had been through this like ten times. "Because I have no idea where else to go and plus, I need to be around you. I haven't been on Terra since one hundred years ago."




"Tell you later."


"LATER! Know the definition of later!"

Destiny zipped her mouth. "Hmf."

"So... where's your freaking school?"

Destiny blinked and looked around. "Couple more blocks."

"It better be."

"It's not that far!"

"It is to me!"

"Fine. We're here anyway." Fast isn't it?

They arrived at a building like Aalhala High but Nekuna was slightly bigger since it was a public school. They walked in to the principal's office where an old man in his probably 40-50's was sitting in those office chairs, arguing over something on the phone.

"What--No! You're... No way! That's unbelievable! No one's gonna believe that! Now if you don't mind, I have other important matters to attend to!" and he slammed the phone on the receiver hard. He turned his attention to Destiny and Eddie.

"Yes, Destiny?"

She and Eddie sweatdropped. The principal had said that very calmly after he had been yelling to someone over the phone. It was scary...

"Uh... this is Eddie..."

"Edward Saito. I'm here because my parents called earlier about me transferring here?"

Destiny gaped at him while he just smirked at her reaction. She, in return, crossed her arms and found the wall quite interesting to look at. The principal had, of course, a different reaction. The man pushed his thick glasses and looked over at Eddie.

"Ah yes. Your mother mentioned something about you." Eddie rolled his eyes. Ya think! "Normally I would be suspicious of when a student transfers here in the middle of the year but your file is quite interesting for the lack of words."

"Interesting? How?" Destiny asked, confused. She unfolded her arms and turned to look at the old man.

The principal indicated the brown folder in front of him and pushed up his glasses again. "You're smart. Exceptionally smart. You joined sports, didn't you?"


The man stood up and shook Eddie's hands. He smiled. "Welcome, Edward, to Nekuna High School."

A/N- And this was where I left off before I decided that this will be... discontinued. I no longer wish to continue this because I've forgotten where I was suppose to be going with this. Plus, I no longer have interest in writing this story. I haven't written anything for nearly three years now. Let that be a hint or something.