Allen and Antonia 1990

Before she put her hand on him, he was asleep dreaming of her.

He stirred, eyes wide but unfocused in the dark. There was snow falling against the window behind her. "What are you doing here?" His whisper was sharp and unwelcoming, he knew that she shouldn't be there, but already he wanted her to stay. She had her hand on Allen's thigh and sat down on the bed beside him. "Are you alright?" He asked, but she didn't look at him, she just stared into the darkness ahead of her. The snow was coming down fast now, chunks of it from the black sky littering the ground. She still had her hand on his thigh and he tried to decode her body language. From her lowered head to the thickness of her belly, which was already months along in her pregnancy. "Antonia?"

She pushed her hand up his thigh and he moaned.

"How old are you?" She had the sweet voice of a child but no matter what she asked of him he would answer.

"Fifteen." His lips where shaking.

"You look so much like your brother you' know. I mean, even if you don't think you do, you look so much like him." She let go of him and got off the bed. He watched her bare feet sway across the carpet until she stood beside the window. The white silk of her nightgown mirrored the falling snow. He was still lying with the blankets over him, chest bare and in his boxers he felt himself stiffen. He couldn't stand being still and went to her. "How long have you lived here?" Her voice was so quiet that he took a few steps closer to her to hear.

"How long have I lived here? Or how long did he live here?" Allen knew enough to know that she was still in love with Jorrie.

Allen could feel her smile in her words: "Both" she said.

"All our lives." He was close enough to smell her perfume and see the thickness of her black hair which curled down her shoulders. When she reached her hand out for him he took it, stepping closer until he was standing beside her. "I've never seen it snow like this before." She grabbed him and kissed him. Wrapping his arms around her he could feel the hard surface of her stomach on his abdomen; he had to hunch over because of the difference in their height. He let her lead, taking a hold of her the way that she wanted him to. Her lips tasted like raspberries against his. "We shouldn't be doing this," he breathed; he wasn't sure of any of the things that they were doing.

She pulled away from him, and he immediately regretted his words. "We don't have to tell anyone." She kissed him again softly, questioningly and when his body pushed up against her she got her answer. Pulling away again she led him to the bed and he laid down for her.

He was uncomfortable in his own skin: "I've never done this before." She smiled and got on top of him. Her legs were on either side of him and Allen held them as she began to move from side to side. He wasn't inside her yet; she was just moving against him but he could feel where he would enter her and it drove him crazy. Before he knew it her belly was in his hands, thick skin bulging, it was another man's child but he didn't care now. Soon his fingers were wrapped around the thick stands of her hair; he was mesmerized by the feel of her. When she moved the straps of her nightgown fell off her shoulders and he reached up to pull them down, revealing twin breasts that were already beginning to fill with milk for the baby. Instinctively his hands went to them, clutching and needing. Of all of the times that he had seen himself doing this he never imagined that it would be like this, and seeing her breasts for the first time made him groan.

Antonia felt like she was spinning; moving against this boy all she could see was the damp glistening of his lips. The rawness of his virginity beneath her. She didn't want to know about this boy, all she wanted was the comfort of him being inside of her. When he moaned again she knew that it was time. With her knees she lifted herself up and pulled the large organ into her. They both closed their eyes and made a silent cry of pleasure when they moved together for the first time. His hands were still on her breasts while she moved her body in a circular motion, slow enough to keep this boy contained until she was ready as well.

Allen was breathing deeply now, moving his body with hers and holding on; she had felt all of this before but she knew that he hadn't and she let him feel their joint-ness innocently.

Allen blinked slowly, feeling all of the corners of her and the heat inside. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. "Antonia..." His voice was so labored and hungry it excited her, and she began to move faster. "Antonia..." He said again and she put her fingers to his wet lips to silent him, she could see even in the dark just how young he really was. Still moving her hips wide around him she leaned down and kissed him, suppressing his explosion, she could feel it coming. His need surprised her, the way that he held on and moved with her.

"Wait, and we'll cum together." She straightened her back and pushed him deeper in, his fingers we're knotted around her thighs. She could feel her own sensations growing as she could for Allen. With each new stroke she knew that they we're both closer.

They were both on fire now and Allen held onto her as hard as he could. They came together and when they did it was like rain falling around them. Allen could feel the cold drops of snow from the outside on his skin. His flesh was blanketed with bumps. With one final scream they were spent. Antonia could feel his hot liquid spray inside of her. She leaned down again and kissed him, she kept him inside until he caught his breath and only then did she pull off.

Lying next to each other later that night, Allen kept his hand on her belly protectively, he fell asleep to dream the briefest dream that she was his.