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It was finally Wednesday—the day Maria had choir/orchestra. How exciting!—no really. It was for Maria. She adored music class, even if she had had it only once. She had fallen in love! It didn't matter if she sat beside her arch-enemy…as long as she had closure from everything—the violin.

Maria brought her violin in its black hard case. She took extra care of this violin, because it was her only one. She's been playing it since she was six, and even though it was too large for her then, she was determined to learn. Blimey, look at that—she did! (learn, I mean)

Proudly displaying her violin, she walked into the music room.

Odd…she thought to herself. There are no chairs. Then, realization hit her and she slapped her forehead.

How incredibly stupid can I get? I was so excited to play orchestra, that I forgot it was choir! Bloody hell…here's another chance for Thomas to ridicule me…have to find a hiding place for my violin…

Too late for poor Maria.


Thomas, clad in his coat, vest, tie and slacks—in other words the school uniform—walked into the music room quite arrogantly (as usual). Not without a few obstacles, though. There were some dumb blondes and a few fiery redheads who approached him earlier, asking him annoying questions like, "where did you get such a hott body?", trying hard to be seductive but didn't seem to pull it off. There were also other questions they asked in which they already knew the answers to, or horribly fake questions like "do you know where the loo is?", as they giggled. Not only that! As if he knew were the lassie's wash closet was! All these questions he ignored, and yet he still had to live with them everyday.

Thomas did not like stupid girls such as these, which was why he kept busy—only going to sophisticated parties like balls and cocktail parties, soirees sometimes, playing soccer, studying, sleeping and eating. He also sometimes hung out with his mates. Most of the time though, they went with their girlfriends. Those were the times he would get disgusted at how easy they all were and study…about seven eights of the time. This is why he is an honor student—top in his batch, actually.

The girls finally left him alone when the first bell rang, which told everyone to go to their assigned rooms.

Thank God… Thomas thought, as he entered the room. Here's a girl not quite as loony as the others. Wait…what? Did I just say that?

There was only one girl in the room, and that was Maria. She was actually playing her violin—Cannon in D. He loved listening to her play. It made him teary-eyed. That happened very rarely—very rarely. The music reverberating from her violin made him smile and close his eyes as he leaned on the wall, his music sheets in hand. She stopped abruptly.

"What are you doing here?" Came that irritating voice of hers.

"And I don't have the right to be here? It's my class too, in case you have forgotten."

"Oh yeah." Maria suddenly found herself back in the music room. She had forgotten. She was having a daydream while playing the violin. Her imagination played tricks on her, making her think she was in a music stadium, playing in front of an audience. It was a duet she had composed in her daydream with some blonde bloke she didn't recognize. She got carried away while looking for a hiding place for her violin.

Why do your daydreams come at your most vulnerable moments? She scolded herself. She returned the violin to its case as people quickly shuffled into the classroom, holding their music sheets.

Ms. Clavell came in last, telling each one to position themselves. Maria consciously stood alone in the middle of the room.

"Ay yes, Maria. I shall hand you your music sheets tomorrow, when I find out which voice you are. Go on, sing."

Great. Not again. And like the first time, she didn't have anything. She decided to make it spontaneous.

"Err…I think I'll do the Hallelujah chorus." Then, she sang. She was actually an alto, and she knew the notes of all the voices. She sang soprano anyway, because no one would sound good singing second voice. She knew the notes of all the voices by heart—even the tenors! When she was young, she and her ex-tutor and current headmaster, Senor Marco had listened to Handel's Messiah numerous times. He taught her every subject, by the way, including music. It was different with other students.

She was finally done. She wasn't exactly one of the most spectacular singers, because she never focused on singing. She would rather play the violin, so she didn't expect anything out of singing. She was above average, however. But then again, so was everyone else in this school—most especially in this class.

"All right, you can stay in the second row, in between Stella and Thomas. That's—oh how fortunate for the two of you—beside Tomas…how coincidental, really. The altos and basses join in the second row. You can share the music sheets with Stella." Ms. Clavell smiled knowingly and, Maria thought, mischievously." Stella rolled her eyes, Thomas smirked again (no one knows why he does it really…perhaps just to irk some people), and Maria looked exasperated with her luck. Ms. Clavell had no clue, did she?

They ran through just a few songs, because not all of them knew how to sing, and were more of instrumentalists. God knew how much Maria had to suffer there. There was more suffering beside Stella than beside Thomas though, because Stella kept giving her looks. Stella didn't share her music sheets at all. It was quite all right, though, because Maria already knew the songs and their notes, as she was taught. Even if she had that consolation, it still felt unnerving and uncomfortable, because of the aura from Stella. You know how that feels, right?

Since she also stood beside the devil himself (Thomas), she felt twice as uncomfortable. She didn't quite know why she despised him so, but she did—she just did. There was this little voice in her head saying she was scared. You've never seen or met anyone like him, have you? But then she'd just push it to the back of her mind and pretend not to notice it. He's a catch, but you're restraining yourself. In fact, he's the only one of the good kind you'll ever meet. What??? What was she thinking? He's a bad boy! Probably the playboy everyone wants to date at the moment. And you'll never have the chance? Again, she pushed the voice to the back of her mind.

"And we're done for today...ha-ha…" Ms. Clavell was exhausted. Listening to the so-called choir was horrible. "I'm dismissing you early…I think you need to practice more, people, so see you next time."

"You're doing it wrong, you know." Maria heard a voice behind her say.

"I know, it's just that—" When she turned around, she saw Thomas and immediately changed her sentence. "And what makes you think so, Mr. I-don't-make-bloody-mistakes?"

"You don't have to say that, it's really childish."

"Oh, and you're not?"

"No, I'm not." (There went the smirk again)

"And you expect me to believe that?"


"That's enough!" Another voice came in. It happened to be Ms. Clavell's. "You two can be heard from a hundred miles away! And although you two are my most talented students, I will have to say: in detention, the two of you!" Even if Ms. Clavell sounded really angry (and looked it too), Maria could undoubtedly detect a hint of a smirk on her face. Maria couldn't reckon why, however. That would be bollocks. She decided to pretend it was a twitch instead of an actual smirk.

Maria sighed. She didn't want a glitch in her permanent record such as this—it was not something that would bring her into Oxford.

"Well, I guess we'll have to spend the rest of the day together—even more than we would have if you didn't start." Thomas said, with his signature smirk.

"If I didn't start?! How dare—"

"Did I just tell the two of you to head towards detention or not?" This time, Ms. Clavell looked serious. Oh well, so much for the smirk.

"Sorry, Ms. Clavell. I'll—we'll be off now." It was Maria's time to smirk (although she didn't know how in the world she was able to) now. "Come along, Thomas." Thomas rolled his eyes and followed her. "So…where's detention?"

"Okay, you signaled me to follow you. So I think I'll just follow you like you wanted." Ahh yes, the ol' play-with-the-girl-and-smirk game.

Maria rolled her eyes this time. "Come on, Thomas, I don't have time for this. I want it over and done with already!"

"Why? When we could have even more quality time with each other over here…in the hallway?" he teased her, as he leaned sexily on the wall. Sexily?? What?? Yes, that's what Mia thought.

"Okay, fine. Let's just stand here and do nothing." She stood there, arms crossed on her chest, her weight on her left foot. "Are we done standing now?"

Thomas laughed (genuinely for the first time, Mia thought) at her (not for the first time) and started a conversation. "Where is the one place you most want to go to?"

"Excuse me? We're in the middle of the hallway, practically cutting classes, and you're asking me the most bizarre question in the world? Why are you so lax about this?"

"Relax, detention can wait. The detention master is always asleep." (Yes, they call the teacher-watching-detention detention master)

"Venice. There, I said it. Can we go now?"

"Venice…I see. Why Venice?"

Maria was very impatient already and wanted this uncomfortable moment over with. "Because I find it romantic. Can we go now?"

"I said relax, Maria. Lean on the wall with me."

"You called me Maria."

"I did? Oh well. Go on, tell me why."

She was getting a little calmer, thinking about Venice, even with Thomas around. "Well Venice is very romantic…people think France is, but I don't think so. I think the best place in the world to be in is Venice. It may not be a good place to live in, definitely not, but I love it there. It's full of history, and the canals with the gondolas remind me so much of…I don't know what, but it just makes me feel like standing there forever, watching them go by."

Thomas was watching her dreamy face, smiling and thinking of Venice, too. Venice was his favorite place as well.

"However, if I could live anywhere, it would probably be Scotland, where it's peaceful, and you can just lie in the grass with the fresh air all day."

Thomas was amazed—and puzzled. She just poured out his own dreams.

"England is still all right, though, don't get me wrong."

"I see…well, detention it is…"

Maria was puzzled with his sudden shift of decision. She was also frightened, because she just realized that she poured everything she wanted for herself for the first time, and to the one person she never expected to share it with.