In This Chair:

Sitting in this chair
Eyes open, alert
Or seemingly.
They don't know that I'm just
Here because I have to be.
With that I could run away
But scared of the consequences.
These eyes take in nothing,
These ears are close to the
Outside world, hearing
Nothing, only my own thoughts.
I'm thinking of love, life
Sometimes death.
And it all scares me.
Stuck in this chair, and I wonder
How long will it be till I get out
And will the world have me back.
The words from my hands
Write what I feel
Fear, love and simple ponderings.
And then the not so simple
Issues and problems.
Foreign characters stare at me,
Taunting, while I can't get them to stay
Still, they keep moving.
I can't understand, why can't they
Just leave me
To rest in this chair.

Don't ask. You might figure it out.

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"Net Girl In Reality"

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