Is Everything Really Wonderful (tonight)?

Its late in the evening, things aren't as they seem

the beautiful lady staring down at me

is really nothing more then a fabrication

of the soul and the deep imprint of life's wishs and

social suggestion.

Is she really what i need?

Is she really what i should have?

Does it matter?

these questions come before a long standing committee

made up of men and women that have been feeding pork barrell politics

for longer then one can imagine, but the vote always comes to a tie

is my love life destined to be stuck in committee?

Is everything really wonderful tonight?

A motion is made, and seconded, finally a decision is made.

You are the agenda baby, and the vote is in.

With no objection, it passes the question, and you are the result.

you are the law that is made in my heart.

I look into your eyes

and i know that the decision was made

after careful thought and consideration

the next item on the agenda baby

is the rest of our lives.

What will happen?

Will we stay in session or will we adjourn?

I propose a two person commission to decide that baby

and those two people are you and me.

No longer will i stand in committee

and let others make decisions for either of us.

Now its time that we stay in committee

and work together, so that we can reelect the love in our hearts time and time again.