Rabbit Hole

Suffered from randonimity

brought to me like a fish wrapped in newspaper

i had no idea this would happen

i hadn't planned for this

but he had

I can only hope

that i will take my burden with the same strength

and tenacity that the Christ child bore his

not wanting, but knowing, knowing that he must do such

The Christ Child had his calling 2000 years ago

As the stage is set we must ask ourselves

Are we ready for this?

Even If we aren't, wer're gonna need to be

because this is it

these are the times that try mens souls

where we find out who is made of the mettle to fully accept

the will of our Lord and Savior

to step up and talk the talk

of protecting those we love, and everyone else

On the eve of the final battle

Both above and below amass their armies

I know that i have been chosen to ride on the front line for above

How about you?

When you're Lord and Savior calls you to battle, will you listen?

Will you ride for the Christ child, to save the world?

Or will you turn a deaf ear to the Savior and allow the evil of Hell to influence

the planet that we love so much, for ANOTHER 2000 years?

I won't let that happen, and neither will you.

In your heart you know that

Humans are a curious race

When the Lord calls for you to jump down the rabbit hole

Your curious side will take over

you'll say "I've gone this far...And it IS Jesus Christ... i wonder where this could take me?"

I can see it in your eyes

My words have already gotten to you

You will not heed this poem now, but later you will keep contemplating it

right up until the time that He calls for you

So be ready to listen and heed the call

because when the last call is made, its for real

theres no dress rehearsal for this

If you are chosen it is a great honor

You will walk the battlefield of the final battle

to protect the earth from the influences of hell

Good spirits and angels alike will fight by your sides and in the end

Good always wins...

Now that you know that

will you still heed the call?

Or will you turn a deaf ear when Christ asks you to jump down the Rabbit hole?

Will you be a Judas or a Peter?

That decision is up to you my friend

But you know where i stand.

I have high hopes that i will see you standing next to me on the day of days

preparing to help defend this place from an evil oso vile that we cannot allow it to continue

But whether or not you'll be there is up to you.