No Regrets

The questions of life

hit us like a sack of bricks

force us to reevaluate our lives

coming up on college graduation

i look back and see the true splendor of my life

The good the bad, the beautiful and the ugly

all moments in my life

and it dawns on me

I have no regrets

No things i would do differently

Regardless of pain, heartache and sorrow

no regrets

because regrets involve doubt that it was not the path you should take

just because it didn't end the way you wanted doesn't mean that you shouldn't do it

Life is about learning and about moving on

life is about finding new love, finding yourself

Life is self centered, its all about You.

I ask myself every morning

why have i been given this heartache?

Why these burdens?

then i remember that God has a plan for all of us

and that comforts me

I am who i am, and i cannot change

and my life, though riddledwith frustration and sadness

will be fulfilled when i finish the job My God has for me

I look into the morning sun and aare blnded by its power

as any mortal would be staring in the face of God

I feel natures pains and sorrows

as i do my fellow humans

and its time for that pain to stop

Its time to take care of the issuses that cause people pain and suffering

anything doing so goes on the Master list

and will be dealt with accordingly.

The influences of Hell shall be removed from this planet

so that peace and prosperity may finally come to God's chosen creations.