Best Gamble

4000 miles to Vegas, baby

The freedom of smelling the night air

hitting our nostrils like we're on top of the world

We're riding free with the top down,

the air flipping back our hair

just a couple lovebirds carrying out their dream

We check into our hotel

oh so elegant

the rooms

fancier then anything we've ever seen

I spent all day at the card tables

losing dollars left and right

all night at the slots

never hitting it big

with a sigh of dispair

i retreat to our room

as i lay beside you

and look in your eyes

even with all the money i've lost

the gambles that failed

as i see into your soul

i know that i've made the best gamble

and won.

I hold you tight, as i feel your warm breath

and your chest go up and down


as you begin to fall towards slumber

and i remember thinking

"There can never be a better gamble then this"


I took a gamble when i walked up to you that day

a one in a million chance

i may have lost all our money

but i won when it cames to love

i took the best gamble baby

and i won.