Dark as the night

white as ivory

clear as mind

who knows what it really means?

It delves in the depths of life

and many still have no clue

It is life, death, living and dying

all in one

it is faith

it is power

it is strength in numbers

One is many and many are one

sadness and loneliness befall

many who bestow the path

but that is there choice

IT is not a harsh faith nor is it lonely

on the contrary, it brings you closer to mother Earth

and the Father, the Great Spirit

For life in this path differs from all others,

you are not told that this is that and that is wrong

and you're going to hell

for this path is forgiving and peaceful

unlike the followers that believe in a selfish religion

opposed to a self sacrificing one

It is the spirit, it is life, it is the Way.

To Understand is to follow and to follow is to understand

To believe in something is a faith built strong on cement foundations