Turning the Page

with a tear stained cheek, i sigh deeply

exasperated and tired, wondering why it had to end

why didn't you stop me?

Why didn't you reach out, and take my hand?

Why didn't you stop me when i turned the page to a new chapter of life?

Where have i gone?

what have i done?

What will happen in the future?

No one knows.

God likes it that way, more suspense

But when we look to the future

we do not readily forget our past

and the tear stained cheeks as we closed each chapter

in the book of life

First teeth, first loves, its all down there in the book of life

We sigh as we change chapters but the real thought is, what will come next?

Don't read the past chapters, just read the new ones as they flip over, and stay current to the story

for it is the future and present that really matter in this time and place

Turn the page, and see where it leads you.