Train Wreck at Las Vegas

40 miles from Vegas, baby

love nipping at the air

Hitting our nostrils like we are on top of the world

We're riding free at the back of the train,

The air flipping back our hair

Just a couple of lovebirds carrying out their dream

We checked into our hotel a few days ago

Oh the rooms, so elegant

Fancier then anything we've ever seen

Spent all day at the card tables

Losing dollars left and right

All night at the slots

Never hitting it big

But with a sigh of dispair

I retreat to our room

Laying beside you

Looking in your eyes

Even with all the money which slipped through my fingers

And the gambles that failed

As I see into your soul

I know that I took the riskiest gamble

And did nothing but win

I hold you tight

I hear your life breathing

And your chest go up and down


As you begin to fall towards slumber

I remember thinking

"There can never be a better reward then this"

I took a gamble when I walked up to you that day

I knew it was a one in a million chance

"Hey darling, would you take a risk on me?"

I may have lost all our money

We won't miss it

But if I didn't have you

I would miss out

Because when it comes to love

I took the best gamble baby

and I won.

Ten months later i awoke to find you gone

I wondered, what happened?

I swore we'd lived happily

i couldn't figure it out

until i saw that note on the door

"You know i never felt the same"

Those words, cut through me like cutco,

sold by the local college student

sharp and swift, a quick dashing of my hopes

I hated myself

i spent so many nights

lying alone in my room

wondering where i went wrong

but then i wonder

Was it really my fault?

Is there anyone really to "blame"?

the answer is no.

Love is fickle, and sometimes it fails

Our Love was a failure, and you knew it from the start

thats why you were able to leave so quickly

so effortlessly.

Every time i look into the eyes of you

and your new lover

my own friend coincendentally

you just can't understand what it does to me

You say "I'd love if you'd get over it so we can be friends again and this doesn't hold us back"

and i'd hold back tears and the comments i really want to say "Can't you see this is killing me?

I love you with all my heart, but you were never meant for me

it was a cruel twist of fate that stole you away, and i may never forgive that

But one must roll with the dice he's given in life, and you're no longer a possibility

I have to move on

I have to leave you behind like a train wreck at Las Vegas baby

leaving the burned hull of the relationship on the tracks, and grabbing the handcart

to get the hell out of there

to cut my losses and forget

to be myself again

to find the age old confidence i once had.

I will one day find love as you have, but it will never be the same

Too many old scars from the Train Wreck in Vegas baby, that will never heal.