The Haunted Ark By: Negasi

Chapter One: The Encounter

A/n: Just a quick author's note. The things in brackets are the translations.

The day was perfect. The sun shone brightly, warming up the chilly morning air. A light breeze flew through the air, lifting people's cloaks ever so slightly. There were no clouds in the air. It was a great day for a boat ride, as the weather was nice, and the water wasn't rough. At the docks, Serpentine, was docked. It was taking passengers from docks of Jacine to the docks of Moryenne.

The procedure for getting on the boat was simple. You handed the man your ticket, he checked you for weapons (which he put into a guarded room), and let you through. One man who went by the name of Jule, who was headed for the ship.
"Ticket please," the ticket man said. Jule handed him the ticket, and handed him his weapons. A sword made out of iron, and a large round shield.
"Thank you, please go through," the ticket man instructed him waving Jule through. Jule was told his room was 314, and he was handed a key and a map of the rooms. He headed towards his room, feeling completely defenceless.

He reached his room about fifteen minutes later. He inserted the key into the hole, and turned, unlocking the door. He opened the door and walked into the door. As he entered the room, he looked around at his room. It was small, as he had expected. He was only middle class, and wasn't rich.
The room consisted of a small desk, a small bed, a closet, a mirror, and a window.

Jule looked at himself in the mirror. He wore a hooded green cloak, and grey britches covering his tattered, brown, leather armor. On his feet he wore large black boots. His complexion was good. His pointed ears were the only thing that stuck out. He was part Elvish. His father, Gerndrialone of the race of the Elemental Elves, had fallen in love with his mother, Sandrine the Human.

Straightining out his hood a bit, he flopped on to the bed heavily. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, and Jule got up to open it. The person who had knocked was a human. She wore a yellow shirt, red britches, and wore a long yellow cloak.
"Hello I thought I would introduce myself to my room neighbour, I'm Falline and you are?" she asked wasting no time.
"Jule," he said quickly.
"Well nice to meet you Jule, I'll see you later," Falline said as she skipped out of the door. Jule smiled and he once again sat on his bed. He had a short nap, and then when he no longer felt tired, he headed off into the bar.

Once arriving in the bar, he ordered a pint of ale and threw down a silver coin. He sipped his ale, while listening to the conversations of others. Nothing was really exciting, untill he heard a voice.
"Hey Jule!," the voice exclaimed.
"Hey Falline," he said.
"How are you....... ahhhhh!" she said screaming. Jule looked over and saw something he had seen many a time before. A demon. This demon was crimson red in colour, and had huge claws and horns. It wielded a huge white swords, with runes inscribed into it. Jule grabbed up the only weapons he had saved, two daggers he had hid inside his britches.

"Nach con delfine!" it yellled charging at him. (DIe Elvish scum)
"Roilda no voi sush beeth," Jule yelled dodging him. (Go to hell Demon.)

So the battle was on. Jule was limited to dodging the great white sword, because he couldn't get close enough to get a blow in with his daggers.
Spotting a half eaten dead guardsman, Jule put away his two daggers, and dodged a blow as he rolled to the side and grabbed the guardsman's sword. He easily parried the demon's attacks with this. The demon was unexperienced in combat compared to Jule. Jule had trained for many years of his life, and was an accomplished swordsman.

One of Jule's lunges hit the demon, and blood began to pour from the wound. The demon retreated and Jule sped after him. The demon was playing possum, because as soon as Jule was on the demon it turned around and swiped at him, narrowly missing him.
"Qua ondu lefoi!" Jule yelled. (Lightning come forth!)

A ball of lightning was thrown from Jule's hand and hit the demon. Burnt flesh could be smelt. Jule let down his guard for only a few seconds, but it was enough for the demon to kick him. The claws penetrated his stomach and he fell to the ground, losing his sword. The demon raised his huge sword, and Jule knew his life would be over. Jule shut his eyes just as the demon was bringing down his sword so he couldn't see what happened.

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