Chapter Two: Parried

A/n: It's a new day, and ideas are flowing. THis chapter will be better. Parts in the .... are flashbacks.

A sound like cold steel clashing, and so Jule opened his eyes. Falline had parried the blow with a sword.
"Die Demon Bitch!" she yelled plunging the sword into it. It screeched and withered in pain. It fell to the ground and screamed "Noi deston brow ci!" as it died. (We shall meet again)
"Are you okay?" Falline asked wiping the blood off her sword. There was no reply as Jule fell unconcious.

Blood. War. Death. Only twenty years ago, when he had been only a young elf, when the Orcanic War was upon them. The Demons had sided with the Orcs to face the Men and Elves.
Jule fought beside his parents, wielding the legendary Steel Mace of Thunder. But in the end, his parents were slain with arrows. They had told him to be strong, and to not grieve.
But he wept, and after awhile, he was in rage. He went through Demon and Orc alike with a vigor that had never been seen before. When the battle was over, they said his total count was well over 2000 killed. It happened to be 1200. 800 Demons. 400 Orcs. After that, he felt normal, he has never been as good as he had been on that day.

When he awoke his head was pounding. He sat up and looked around. Falline was sitting beside him, he was in a bed.
"Are you okay?" she repeated her question from earlier.
"Yeah I'm fine, I suppose I owe you one eh?" he said smiling.
"Nah, don't worry 'bout it," she said.
"Have any more demons been spotted?" Jule asked.
"The lower deck is full of them, I'm glad you awoke before they made it up here," Falline replied.
"Where is my sword?" he asked referring to the sword he had used.
"I had to leave them when I carried you," she said.
"Well, take this and lets try to find the room where the weapons are stored," said Jule handing Falline a dagger and wielding one himself.

Jule was a quick thinker and could devise plans in under a minute if he had to. Right now he was thinking that he and Falline should grab some weapons, and get some to the other people on the Serpentine. Loud footsteps were heard and Jule and Falline held their daggers out in front of them. As they turned the corner and met their foe, they realized it wasn't a foe at all.

It was a dwarf. Jule sneered at the dwarf. Even though he was only part Elvish, he had a dislike for Dwarves. Another factor was that the dwarves had never helped in the Orcanic battle.
"Can I travel with you guys, I'm assuming your looking for the weapon room?" the Dwarf asked.
"Sure," said Falline smiling.
"Only if you tell us your name. I'm Jule and that is Falline," he said.
"I'm Forin," he said in a rough voice.

So the three were off, and they found a room. They opened it, and noticed it was a medical room. Jule grabbed some painkillers, and popped two in his mouth. Falline grabbed various medicines. Forin however, just examined the room. It was a mess. Two dead doctors lie face down. The desk in their was cluttered. Rummaging through the messy desk, he grabbed a stack of papers and put it in his bag. Then he grabbed two bottles of medicine, and a knife which was used for cutting bones, and they left the room with no further looking.

The second room had to have the door broken down and was a treasure room, where people left their valuables. Since the boat ride had only just started there was only four items in the empty looking room. Jule grabbed a large diamond, sparkling white in the dim light. Falline took a small necklace of pearls with a sapphire on the end. When she put it on she felt stronger. And Forin took a golden goblet, and a bar of gold, because he loved gold so dearly.

After departing they had better luck with the third room. It was the weapons storage room.
So Jule rummaged through it and decided to travel heavy. He grabbed two big black swords, his Thunder Mace, a big round oaken shield, and a battleaxe.
Falline was more of a light traveler, and grabbed only what she really needed. A elvenmade bow, with a quiver of arrows. And a white glowing sword, and a small shield made of pine.
Forin was equipped the heavyest of all. He grabbed two swords of different makes. A large scimitar, a small axe, a small shield, a mace, and a battleaxe. Forin could carry all this easily where Jule couldn't.

So walking slowly under the weight of there new weapons they headed towards the rooms so they could hand some weapons to some of the inhibitants. They came to a room with a door wide open and walked into it.
"Helpppppppp!" a voice screamed in pain. The three looked and saw a halfling girl. Advancing on her was something Jule had only heard about a few times before.

You watch out for those Rogue Elves when you go to play his mother had said. He had always thought she was kidding.

The Rogue Elf turned around, and charged at Forin. Jule parried the blow with his sword, and tried to get a blow in himself. But Rogue Elves had been trained in combat since they oculd walk. Jule found himself on the defensive the whole time. Even with Forin's help they couldn't beat it.

But then Falline let an arrow fly, and the Rogue one raised his shield to block it. Jule lunged and stabbed him in his abdomen. The Elf hissed, and brought his shield down to block Forin's blow, and Falline shot an arrow, hitting the Elf in the shoulder.

It fell to the ground. The halfling quickly confinscated the weapons, for her own use.
"Who is behind this?" Jule asked grabbing the Rogue Elf and shaking it.
"Fo...." he started and he died.

A/n: I've added some more detail to the character, so you know more about him.