I saw you, just yesterday
across the busy street,
over cars and between people
as the world rushed by.

I'm not sure who started staring first,
you or me,
but there we were;

(you and I,
and not together)

How long has it been
since you last touched me?
Last hurt me?
Since I last let you hurt me?

Not long enough,
I mouth,
under the sounds of sirens,
and people on cell phones trying to get to work.

Prying my eyes from you
is easier than I expected,
as I turn and let the crowd
swallow me whole.

A phantom you can-not-no-longer touch.

I do not belong to you.


(Written after reading the last chapter of Junsui Kegasu's Haunted on fanfiction(dot)net. My second piece of work for that story, actually, the other being Maybe Perfect Red)