She awoke with a start, drenched in sweat and breathing quickly. She tried to cling to the dream, but it was gone as soon as her eyes flitted open. She looked about her, blind for the light pouring through the window. Everything is alright, she thought, my nightmare is gone. As she sat in bed she pulled the covers nearer to her, feeling relieved that the night's horrors, whatever they were, were gone, and that she was safe in her own bedroom. She looked at the clock, and seeing that it was still early she lay back in her bed for a little while.

She stared up at her ceiling, watching the windblown trees cast ever moving shadows upon the blank canvas. She smiled and figured it was time that she got up. She let her feet slide off the side of the bed and came to sit on the edge. She stretched languidly, yawning as she walked down the hall. She slipped into the bathroom and closed the door. She took the towel off the rack and placed it on top of the toilet. Reaching into the shower, she turned on the faucet and let the water run hot. Her pajamas fell to the floor as she undressed and stepped into the steamy shower. She lathered up the shampoo and started washing her hair. The soapy lather smelled delightfully fruity, and it began to bring her to consciousness. As she washed the last bits of the lather out of her hair, she tried remember her nightmare. She reached for her body soap and started in on the rest of her body. As her hands moved across her body, applying the soap, she was deep in thought. She washed off the soap and shut off the faucet. As the last of the water trickled down her back and across her chest she gave up. She couldn't remember much about her dream. All that she could remember was that she had something important to tell someone, but she couldn't remember what it was or whom she was to tell it to. She took the towel off the toilet and dried herself, the soft cloth becoming heavy as she drew the towel across the curves of her body. She wrapped the cloth around herself and went back down the hallway to her room.

She rummaged through her drawers, picking out undergarments and comfortable clothing. She felt that today was going to be a lazy day, and figured that she ought to dress accordingly. As she hung her towel on the back of the chair she caught the image of her naked body reflected in the dark computer monitor. She frowned, dissatisfied with what she saw, and turned quickly to pay attention to her clothing. She started to dress, peeved that she didn't look like those stupid twig girls on the magazines. She pulled up her panties and adjusted her bra, brought her pants snugly around her hips, and slipped on her top. She took one last look at her reflection in the monitor, and headed downstairs. She ate a light breakfast and turned on the television, where she sat and subsequently spent the rest of the day.