Welcome Home

Welcome home

those two empty words

spoken in the halls of men and warriors

for the returning triumphant

and those who fell in their quest

are honored at a night bound feast full of meat

but are they truly honored

or is it an excuse for others to just eat more?

Things are never as they seem

but the question of reality is when you walk in the door

Welcome Home

Never what it really means when its said

but yet, in the kind of mind it is spoken

it is believed to have multiple meanings

vainly whored out to the populace to make them feel cared for

screw it.

What about those who have no home?

What about those who wander the wasteland in search of themselves

only to come to the conclusion that they don't exist

Its a slap in the face

red handprints coat my face every time i hear it

the pain of society falls on my heart every time i hear it

When will society understand

In this world of "Me, Me, Me"

how can we possibly say "Welcome home"

when we're so societally exclusive it makes me want to retch

If i never hear the words "Welcome Home" again, it'll be too soon.

Mother Earth is Home to all. Screw the Rich and the uptight, screw those with the resources

Mother Earth Accepts all.

Poor, Rich, Dirty, Clean, it doesn't matter.

believe in this, and the words "Welcome Home" can actually have some rightful meaning.

To that end, i say to you, "Welcome Home."