Letter to the one I love

I have asked of you too much

I have asked of you and you've been here

You have listened to my ramblings and all my complaints

You have helped me through the worst times

Spoke about the rest

But now I'm in over my head

And everything's too much

Just waking up, seems to be too tough

Now I need you to do one more favour

That is all I'll ever need

I am begging with my heart wide open

I hate having to ask this of you, once more

I really thought I was over it, and I promised you I was

But the thing is, I just can't live with it anymore

You know what is going on

And now my hands are shaking, and my speaking getting slurred

God why can't I ask you,

But I don't want to be a burden so goodbye to you

Just so you know I love you so fucking much

It's tearing out my heart

Just goodbye, and sorry for all the pain I've caused,

I don't want to cause anymore

i always knew it was bad to fall in love,but i never thought i'd fall this hard.