Cold As Ice

Parts of my heart slowly becoming cold,

A love that's lost, comes now to be old,

Any touch makes me cringe,

No one can replace what left me on a hinge,

Can I love again?

Where has that love been?

I feel so alone, even in a crowded room,

None of my inner flowers bloom,

I wonder sometimes if life is worth it all?

Worth all the trouble, worth all the falls?

Hardships and darkness, here comes no light,

I fall to death, to end this fight,

Against hate, against a loveless heart,

My body falls apart,

I see my death of suicide,

It's my escape; it's my way to hide,

I awake; it was all just a dream,

It was all so real, it seemed,

I continue through life without someone to hold,

As the frozen ice, my heart grows cold.