Man Of My Dreams

There are nights when this dream occurs,

I see a shrouded face in the semi-dark,

This face, I wish to see, but a thought slurs,

Light shines all around; we're in a beautiful park,

I still cannot see his face though there is light,

He closes my eyes and visions burst to mind,

All of the love I wish I had is in sight,

I've been searching all my life; is it him I'll find?

Tears fall from my eyes, wondering when I'll find a love that's true,

I've spent my life searching and I'll continue to,

Until my love falls from the blue,

He will be honest, loving, gentle, and smart; is it you?

He'll help me when I fall down or start to cry,

Touch me like he's afraid to break me,

He will make my heart fly,

I hope this love I will get to see,

I'll continue searching,

I hope my search will soon end,

Somewhere this man is lurking,

Just waiting for me, and my broken heart will mend.