you wear blue and i wear gray
i never had a brother but i always thought of you that way
you've got your rifle and i've got my saber
we're not fighting now, but we will sooner or later

i'm in the woods hiding, and you're in the field
and somehow between North and South our fate is sealed
i got your letter last week and i read what it said
we won't "contend" now, but in the end, one of us will be dead

you wear blue, and i wear gray
and though i hate it, i wouldn't have it any other way
you believe we must be together, you believe we must be the same
but i must be myself, i must not live a lie in shame

we were once part of a country, strong and true
but me and the others no longer want to be a part of you
i feel that you are my blood brother, that we share our blood
so why, brother, will we leave each other lying in the mud

it wouldn't have to be this way, but we both truly believe
we will die for our hearts, they're not something we can leave
you sit in your camp, i sit in mine, we drink our coffee
and we both feel differently about what it means to be free

i love you, brother, so why do we have to die
why do we have to wage war under this American sky
i love you, but if you come into the woods tonight
i won't lay down my gun and surrender, i'll stand my ground and fight

you wear blue and i wear gray
i never had a brother but i will always think of you that way