Sky Tears

In the evening, leaves fall silent to the quiet grass, whisper gently to the solemn stars, wave to the rising moon. Midnight stalks up and steals the silence, screams to the sleeping world without a wound. Something in the sky longs for the dawn, begging for light and awaking. No one sees the pain it shows; no one really cares. Silent in their beds, the world remains unaware of the sky's pining.

In the morning, when someone finally wakes, the song's tune will change. With dawn will come a new melody, a new silence, a new scream. Color and light give the sky a look of hope and promise. With this hope, the world awakens, but still no one cares. She shines and shines for all the people, but not one person looks up. The sky passes the time brightly, not a cloud to be seen...but no one looks up.

Dusk fast approaches, and the sky's big finish begins, a rush of color and beauty before the darkness takes over once more. No one's watching. The sky covers herself in stars once again, spinning and sparkling. Not a soul on earth sees.

Broken, the sky breaks down in tears, great drops falling to the ground. Fallen leaves fill with her tears; the grass quenches his thirst. Tears fall, fall, fall from the great dark sky. Dawn approaches once again, but the sky's color is faded with sadness. Tears touch the faces of waking people, yet no one will look.

Another day passes, darker than before. Still crying, the sky rushes through dusk, straight to midnight, no grand finale. Crying through the night, the world sleeps peacefully on.

The sky's sorrow drains and all of a sudden, with a flash and a shout the whole world can feel, she spins into a frenzy. The sky's peacefully lullaby ignored turned to quietly unnoticed tears now transforms into violent fits of unavoidable rage. Her screams and cries shake the world as she ravages the peacefully innocent leaves, silent and accepting on their bed of drowning grass.

Not a soul looks away.

All eyes on the sky in her terrifying fit, the sky is too busy to notice a thing. As she tires of her screams and tears, the forsaken sky moves slowly to dawn. Crying softly and silently, the sky watches the destroyed world, and the world watches back.