Hey you!
Over there!
Bet you couldn't resist
My iron stare
As the lions roar!
As the brutes beat their chests!
I got my guns pointed at you
I've got my missiles set

I can call it peacekeeping!
I can call it righteous!
I can call it response!
But those are just words
Because in reality!
Aggression is what I'm for
Imposition and violence, violence!
Oppression and WAR!

I am perhaps more dignified if I wear a suit
Still forcing all my subordinates to do this dirty job
Across dotted lines on a map we really like to snarl
Boost our technology for sophistication but it's always the same quarrel
It's always imposition and violence, violence whether steel or stones
It's never false to think nationalistic belligerence isn't worth the cost!

Hey you!
With your fists cocked!
The more people of yours I kill
The more hilarious
I'll prod your conscience!
I'll destroy lives!
Who is the victor
The number of losses will decide

I got that mentality
I got that crave
More WAR and violence, violence!
More bloodshed today.