Emotionally Dependent Her

The psychologist said that she was emotionally dependent.

She needed someone to constantly be boosting her self-esteem,

To be there for her all the time,

To make her feel any joy at all in life.

Alas, that was why everyone had run very far away,

Ran screaming, not looking back.

They didn't want to be some constant pillar for her,

Holding her up every step of the way.

Did they run because they truly did not love her?

Or did they run from fear?

Fear of her breaking down and sulking,

Becoming something inhuman;

Fear that they would not be enough.

They wouldn't be adequate for her and them both.

There was not enough aid for two in their coffers.

So, rather than spend it all on another,

They choose to keep it for themselves,

Or save a bit for someone who only needs a little.

They choose to be selfish.

And now she stares at the ceiling,

Tears drying on her face.

They've run,

And left her alone.

They damaged this caused was worse than anything else they could have possibly chose.

They left her alone.

Fragile, pale, emotionally dependent her.