I was waiting one day

After school

For my ride to come pick me up

And that's when I noticed

My shadow

Standing there under me

Swinging her binder by it's handle

Ever so silently, quietly

She looked just like me

Only empty and with less features

A girl of only grays

And the more I stared

The more I wished to be like my shadow

As skinny as her

As pretty as her

As tall as her

But then I realized

It would get lonely being a shadow

Stuck on a wall, attached to someone else

Not being your own person

And as I glanced at my shadow


I asked myself

Is that who I am?

But just as I turned

My shadow, the girl of only grays, was gone

Just as my ride pulled up

And an empty smirk and a girl who knew who she was

Climbed in the car