Slipping on the entrance to oblivion
Falling, falling, falling
It's a dismal world in chaos
Hold onto the rotten stench
Fingernails colliding with your skin
(Pull me down!)
Heating up blackened breath on painted lips
Bringing in creepy feelings of forever's ending
The happy endings died today for everyone
(Pray for it and it will leave you)
Scream out to the heavens
Can you hear them laughing? (I can)
Gentle touchs glide us further towards the ending
We will all be forgotten in the ending
Nobody remembers a fake memory
Memory, the a word of alteration
Can to hear them laughing?
Tragedy is lapping at the heels
Of everyone that's fallen over
Upwards and upwards
(We're in deep shit now!)
Breath falls unevenly as lapping tongue move upward
Upward, upward, upward,
(As the hands of fate push down)
While tragedy abounds