Anna's thoughts are in Bold and Jakes are in Italic.

A Day in the Life of Anna Springson
by xImperfection101

''Jake!!'' His Mom yelled.

''Yea?'' he yelled back.

''Get your ass down here!''

''What for?''

''Because I said so!''

He sighed and put up his away message. Then he walked down the hall and into the living room. She was on the couch watching TV with a beer in one hand, a cigarette in her mouth and the remote in her other hand as usual.


''Go across the street and meet the new neighbors.''

''What for?''

''Because I said so.''

''Why dont you go meet them?'' He already knew the anwser to that question before he even asked it.

''Because I said you should go.''


He opened the front door and trudged across the lawns. He knocked on the door and smiled politely at the lady who opened it.

''Hey I'm Jake. I live right there.'' He pointed to his house that was right next door.

''Well hello Jake. I'm Rebecca. Why dont you go and meet my daughter. You look about her age. Shes the last door to the right.''


Jake smiled again and made his way to her room. He leaned against the door jam and out of habit checked her out. She's hot. Red hair, green eyes, she had a pretty nice tan. And she wasnt a tiwg. She was unpacking and he glanced at her ass. Nice.

Anna had just moved to a new town. A new place where She would have to start over... again. All because of her mother. She sighed as she continued unpacking her clothes. A boy, Jake, appeared at the bedroom door. She could tell he was checking her out. And to be honest, she didnt really mind. Anna's a pretty girl. Straight, shoulder length deep red hair. Sparkling, deep, green eyes. And a natural tan on her nearly flawless skin. Skinny, yet not all skin and bone. She was wearing a pink tanktop, and jeans. Her jeans were worn in, but they had a natural wear to them. And she had on pink and black etnies. She had finally had enough of him standing there and turned to look at him

''Hi. I'm Anna. Who are you and Why are you in my room?'' She asked sounding slightly rude.

''Jake. New neighbor. You skate?'' He asked pointing to the skateboard next to the bed.

''Sort of.''

''Sort of?'' How can you sort of skate?

''My friend was teaching me before I moved.''

''How's it coming?''

''Okay I guess. Why are you in my room?''

He shrugged.

''Mom sent me over to meet the neighbors and your mom sent me here. So here I am.''

''Okay.'' She smiled politely at him and turned to continue unpacking.

''No suprise that mom sent up a cute neighbor because she trying to get me laid so she can kick me out.'' She muttered under her breath.

''What was that?''

She jumped. He was right next to her now. She couldnt believe she didnt notice. All he did was chuckle.


''I heard something something trying something kick something out.''

''No you didnt.''

''Okay then what did you say?''

''Fine. I said No suprise that mom sent up a cute neighbor because shes trying to get me laid so she can kick me out. Happy?''

''Cute.'' He smiled slightly. His smile was replaced by a look of confusion.

''Yes I said trying to get me laid so she can kick me out.''

''How the hell did you know thats what I was confused about.''

''I'm a mind reader.'' She said sarcasticly. Then she sighed. ''Everyone always stops and thinks about that part.''

''Why does she wanna kick you out?''

''So she doesnt have to wait till I leave to being home a new abusive boyfriend who she thinks I wont know about. Or at least until we have to move because shes getting worried. So then she moves, and without me theres no hassle of changing school districts and no little path to follow.''

''You're joking right?'' She had to be joking. I wish.

''No. I'm being totally serious.'' Unfourtunatly.

''And you'll just tell this to anyone walking around and asking.''

''If they ask. Most people dont bothor though so its not like I tell everyone.'' Most people dont care.

''If you dont mind me asking.. Wheres your dad?''

''I do mind you asking.''

''Well I'm asking anyway then.''

''Want the truth?''

''Sure.'' No I'm asking so you'll lie to me.

''I have no goddamn clue. He left when I was 9. He shows up sometimes for money. Hes an alcoholic and he couldnt give a shit about me.''

''That bothors you and your mom doesnt.'' Apparently.

''My dad was my best friend until he just turned around and dissapeared one day. He left me and he deserted me. Hes a coward and I fucking hate him for what he put me through. I was fucking 9. I figured he would come back. I didnt really understand that daddy just fucking left. Okay. Ask a new question.'' She was on the verge of crying. They both knew it.

''How many times have you moved?''

''I lost count after 10.''

''So this is like..''

''I would say either 14th or 15th time.'' An estimation.


''You get used to it.'' No you dont. Doubtful.

''Any boyfriends thrown into there.''


''And...'' And I dont wanna tell you.

''You're worse than girls with goddamn questions.''

''Thanks for the insult.. tell me about him.''

''I'd rather not.''


He began to snoop around the room. He opened the bedside table drawer and pulled out a notebook. Sitting down on the bed he opened the cover and began reading it. She quickly snapped it shut and slapped him over the head.

''What the hell do you think you were doing?''

''Ow.'' He rubbed his head.

''I dont mind you fucking checking me out or trying to figure out my life story or even snooping but dont fucking read anything in this room that is handwritten. Got it?''



He watched as she gently placed the notebook back into the drawer and closed it.

''What is it anyway?''

''My most recent journal.''

''Why cant I read it.'' Stupid question.

''Because its my journal.'' Dumbass.

''What if I only read parts of it.''

''You wont like it. Its mostly poetry. And other than that its just me complaining.''

''Can I please read it anyway.''

''You are really fucking nosey.''

''And you curse a lot.'' No shit sherlock.

''Here.'' She tossed a different notebook at him. ''You can read this one.''

''Whats it say?''

''Its the whole boyfriend thing. I wrote a story about it. You can find out that way.''

''You write?''


''Cant you just tell me.''

''Okay. Lets just do a quick story. Girl falls for boy. Boy pressures girl. Girl does boy sexual favors. Boy wants more. Girl doesnt. Boy rapes girl. Girls mom moves. There we go quick and simple.''

''Sexual favors?'' What's that mean?

''I gave him fucking blow jobs.'' Well that was blunt.


''Any other questions you nosey friggin bastard.''

''Nope. I'm pretty much shocked right now. So no questions.''

''Shocked at?''

''He raped you and youre talking about it like its the weather.''

''So what.''

''When did it happen.''

''About 5 months ago.''

''And you are this... calm?''

''Apparently. Are you done now. I'm tired and I wanna sleep.''

''Its like 4 in the afternoon.''

''And your point is.''

''Too early.''

''What should I do than? You've lived here your whole life and I am definatly not going to go wander about a town that I'm, most likely, only gonna be in for a few months.''

''Skate Park.''

''No way. I so can not go to a skatepark. I suck.''

''So... I can teach you.''



''Fine. As stupid as this sounds, there is a lot of cute boys at skateparks and I dont wanna look like an idiot in front of them.''

''What is it with girls. Why do you care?''

''Because I might like one of them.''

''Youre only gonna be here for a few months remember.''

''I hate you.''

''Why? Because I throw your own worlds back at you.''

''Yea. And because youre nosey and annoying.''

''Okay. Now come on.''



''Lets... I dont know. Do you play basketball? That I'll give up sleeping for.''

''Fine. Lets go.''

''Hold on a sec.''

''What for?''

''I wanna get my bag.''

''Why do you need it.''

''I want a cigarette.''

''You're underage.''

''That hasnt stopped me yet and i've been smoking since I was 12.''

''Youre how old now.''


''Thats 3 years.'' No shit. I can do math too.



She grabbed her bag and paused to think about it. Was it really gonna bug him that much?

''Is it really gonna bug you if I smoke around you?''


''Fine then. But I'm bringing them anyway. I might decide I dont care.''

He smiled slightly. He had reason to... he sort of won.

''Now c'mon girlie its time for me to beat your ass in basketball.''

''Like thats gonna happen. I'm so gonna win.''

We continued argueing playfully all the way to the court. We started to play but some other guy took the ball from Anna.

''We are playing a game you know.''

''You are a girl if you know.''

''Got a point?''

''Girls dont play basketball.'' Sexist jerk.

''Well I do. Now give me the ball back.''

''Why should I.''

''Because I said so.''

Jake came up behind her.

''Anna dont start anything.'' I really didn't need or want any trouble.

''I'm gonna start whatever I want.''

''Anna... cute name.''

''Good. Dont call me it. Now give the ball back.''

''What are you gonna do if I dont.''

''I'm sure I can do something to get it back.''

She grinned reaching for the ball and pressed herself against him.

''Not gonna work.''

''Okay. Then maybe this will.''

Her knee came up and make contact with his balls and he dropped the basketball.

''Thanks.'' She smiled sweetly and walked away.

''Girl that was not smart.'' He growled.

''Are you gonna hit a girl? That would be wrong. Didn't your mother teach you neber to hit a girl.''

''Yeah. But you're not a girl.''

''So what I am.''

''You're a bitch who deserves to get her ass kicked.''

''Okay. Try me. Go ahead and hit me. It'll just make you seem like an ass for beating me up.''

He stepped toward her. His fist raced toward her face and stopped just before contact. Anna didn't even flinch. What does he think I've never been hit before.

''Now can you let us get back to our game.''


''Anna what the hell is wrong with you. What if he fucking hit you.'' Jake was apparently slightly pissed.

''But he didnt. And I knew he wouldnt.''

''And how the hell did you know that.'' God boy. Chill out a bit.

''Because he knows he'd look like a complete jackass when he was the one who started it all.''

''Okay then. Lets continue our game.'' Cant argue with a good point.

Later that night Anna was sitting on her bed writing in her journal. She heard a tap at the window and looked at the clock. 1 A.M. What the hell is Jake doing this early. She opened her window and he climbed in. He looked at her for a second and he shook his head.

''Umm.. Anna. You wanna get dressed maybe?''

She was wearing a low cut, spaghetti straped, stripped tank top and striped bikini underwear.

''Why? I always sleep like this and thats what I was about to do.''

''Its a tad distracting.''

She laughed.

''Okay. But only because I think youre beginning to get a little uncomfortable.''

She looked down at his crotch and he blushed slightly.

''Not my fault.'' He said innocently and laughed.

She pulled on a pair of orange crush pajama pants and a plain gray zip-up hoodie.

''Better?'' She asked.


''So whats up?''

''Nothing. Couldnt sleep. Your light was on. I looked in. You were up. So here I am.''

''Sit. Just let me finish my journal entry.''


He sat next to her and tried to peek over at what she was writing.

''Dont do that.''

''Do what?''

''Try to see what I'm writing.''

''How do you know everything.''

''You learn. And the you moving, moves the bed.''



She closed it and put it back into the nightstand.

Anna and Jake both laid down on the queen size bed.


''Do you do anything other than basketball and try to skateboard?'' He asked.

''I normally do a 6:00 run. Sometimes I swim. Soccer is cool too.''


''Yup.'' She yawned.

They must have fell asleep because Anna woke up to her alarm clock at 6 and realized that Jake was still there. She nudged him.

''Wake up.''

He yawned and looked at her.


She laughed.

''You should get out. Unless you're coming for my morning run and either way you'd need to change.''

''I'll come.''

A couple of minutes later Anna was throwing on something to run in. A dark blue sports bra and dark blue jogging pants with light blue stripes down the side. She pulled on her white and blue sneakers and walked next door. She pulled her hair into a ponytail as she waited for Jake to come outside. Eventually he came out in gray sweatpants, a white t-shirt and white sneakers.

''Ready?'' She asked.