True Love---

He cried for her
She cried for him
What more can true love bring?
He died for her
She died for him
This is what true love brings

That world on the other side
She sees her life like she wishes it
The side of eternal life
She wishes it; forever with him

She loves him
Isn't that all that matters?
She'll be with him
Isn't that all that matters?


The world outside of this pain
He sees her crying out to him
She's the one he doesn't hate
He will die with her in her sins

He loves her
Isn't that all that matters?
He'll be with her
Isn't that all that matters?


When he heard her crying
He cried out to her
"Iwill die for you, I'm dying
But please don't cry for me"

When she heard him crying
She screamed back to him
"Don't leave me; you can't be dying
You won't leave without me"


He drains his veins
She screams in pain
She cuts in hurt
He bleeds for her

Forever as one
Loving as one
Together as one
Dying as one

(Chorus 2x)

Crying for love
Bleeding for love
Killing for love
Dying for love