Ayn Rand Corporation

A hyper cool-linked avatar
protocol's impulsive
by another name he'd be...
I'm shivering, convulsive

Perceive only what is shown
want to believe, and I moan

Wish any neural assay
would explain it all away

Senseless yet more ardent
indented idealized and wry
punctuated by hollow-point bullets
more exotic since I shouldn't

Wire-writers we're wet-wired
under a broad banded sky

Pay homage with indulgence
these modulated hominids,
devices in the story
that's a window on me

He chats, unsound lines
luculent and lustrous

Impresario or is it really
peer to peer

No room for a pensive intro
this version's longing lies
endogenous, supernal

Second hour a web
of blank verse and bleaker stares
I could reach higher
but there's only hard vacuum
beyond a refractive ceiling

At my terminal, calculated stimuli
connotations rife with promise
like neon, caged radiance
ephemeral meme
equivocal pipe dream

This addled sphere was
in a clean room cleansed
profound is all that still belongs

Despicable rehearsal even
illuminated by the monitor's sensuous glow
so many escape into flawless self
and how few return