Nightmare of a Forsaken Vampire

Blood and insanity enter my dreams

I drown in fear and pain

Everyone around me screaming

A hunting spree without play

Controlled by hunger and anger

Raw emotions running through me

Hatred towards the ones who run

Hatred towards myself

Loathing for the night

And towards its creatures

The smell of death all around

Lifeless bodies lying on the ground

I run like a scared animal

A wild being, dumb, hopeless

Flames licking at the rooftops

Ashes falling in piles

I leave the fire behind

I run away from Hell


This is actually a poem I wrote for Silith, one of my vampire characters, but a different version of her than the one I use in my stories. She would sleep during the day and find herself caught in a dream that haunts her daily, only to wake up without memory of what she saw. This poem is basically describing the horror of her own fear of her nightmares if she were to remember what they were about.